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Kangana Ranaut Reportedly Called Director Hansal Mehta 'Spineless and Clueless'!

Writer Apurva Asrani revealed personal text messages between him and Kangana

Kangana Ranaut Reportedly Called Director Hansal Mehta 'Spineless and Clueless'!
14 September 2017

Kangana Ranaut seems to be jumping from one controversy, right into another. From her personal life to her professional, every event in the actresse's life is highly spoken about and publicised, most of the times by Kangana herself.

This time, the matter in question, is once again related to her film, Simran, which is all set to release in the Middle East today. Kangana has constantly been embroiled in a bitter battle with the write of the film, Apurva Asrani. What started off with Apurva blaming Kangana for stealing writing credits from him, quickly transpired into him getting involved with almost every statement she publically made (through his Twitter account of course). After debating her viewpoints on nepotism and filmmaking, the write has now claimed that Kangana and the director, Hansal Mehta, had a major fall out during the shooting of the film.

While Hansal has always spoken in support of the actress at every film promotion, Apurva says that all wasn’t well between the two. He revealed to HuffPost India, that there were text messages exchanged between him, Kangana and Hansal which prove that Queen K was at war with the director too.

According to the report, when Kangana was shooting for Simran in Atlanta, Kangana and the director has constant auguments, resulting in Hansal often walking off the sets. It is also said that his son had to be flown down to the location of the shoot, to try to iron out differences between the actress and the director. Sources told the publication that the major bone of contention between them was the fact that Kangana was being too bossy, trying to direct everyone herself.

As assessed by HuffPost India, on March 8, Kangana reportedly messaged Apurva saying, "I am done with a clueless and a spineless director. I am done with his selfish team. Skilled director left the film sighting gender bias issues, according to him he can't handle a woman calling the shots, he was always told he'll have to collaborate, on the other hand he encouraged me calling himself a feminist, then what happened to a feminist director?" She continued in a text saying, “Truth is money came on my name. I proudly took the charge and directed the film with my head injury. Didn't say let's go back because the director has ran away.”

Apurve further revealed that Hansal Mehta had to give into her "whims and fancies" to ensure that she didn't walk out of the film, since he was helming Simran with a budget of Rs 30 crore!

The controversy around Simran seems to be getting murkier by the second. We however, can’t wait to watch the film today! Watch this space for our review coming soon!

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