Kangana Ranaut Regales Stories of Her Struggle.....Again!
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Kangana Ranaut Regales Stories of Her Struggle.....Again!

The diva seems to be going over the top telling all about how hard she had to work!

Ever since her recent success at the box-office all Kangana Ranaut has been talking about is how she struggled to get to where she has. And while to some extent it first interested people to know how she faced hard times, she’s still giving interviews on the subject! All this while adding a little smugly, “And I’m the highest paid actress today…”.
Incidentally, we are going to hear even more on the subject since Kangs intends to write an autobiography but is hesitant since it might be “too sensational.” Is she perhaps referring to the Aditya Pancholi chapter in her life?
Well that certainly would be - considering they fought like cat and dog on the streets of Mumbai!
And will someone please tell her to stop talking about how she once slept on the pavement? Amitabh Bachchan slept on a bench on Marine Drive when he came to Mumbai but he doesn’t go on and on about it…
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