Kangana Ranaut Defends Her Sister Saying She's 'Impulsive and Hormonal'

Kangana Ranaut Defends Her Sister Saying She's 'Impulsive and Hormonal'

Here's what the actress had to say about her sisters Twitter outburst!
Kangana Ranaut Defends Her Sister Saying She's 'Impulsive and Hormonal'

Kangna Ranaut

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Kangana’s explosive interviews have been the talk of the town off late, with everyone having a thing of two to say about it. While many supported the actress for her bravery, there were a few who weren’t too happy about her revelations. Besides being slammed for using the interviews as a publicity stunt, Kangana was also accused of trying to seek attention through her past.

Throughout the controversy, Kangana’s sister Rangoli has been an ardent supporter, constantly fighting haters and slamming trolls. She first took to slamming the Women Commission of the state for their statements toward the interviews, following which she hit back at singer, Sona Mohapatra for the open letter that she wrote about Kangana’s interviews.

In response to Mohapatra’s post on Facebook, Rangoli posted a series of tweets, shaming the singer saying:

Following the outburst, when Kangana was asked to comment on her sisters’ social media activity, she referred to it as being ‘impulsive and a bit hormonal because of her pregnancy.’

In an interview to Indian Express, the stress said, “We are very excited, she had a terrible time before, as she had a miscarriage. But now she is very happy and very hormonal. So I ask her to not tweet please, but she keeps on tweeting very impulsive things, and I am like, can you please not do that? So, we are very happy, and the baby comes in November first week. We are looking forward to it.”

Keeping all the social media back lash aside, isn’t it heart-warming seeing these sisters support each other through rough waters?