Kangana Ranaut Breaks Her Silence on the 'Simran' Writing Credits Controversy
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Kangana Ranaut Breaks Her Silence on the 'Simran' Writing Credits Controversy

The actress finally spoke out about what actually happened!

The name Kangana Ranaut is synonymous with controversy and every now and then we see why! Whether its filmmakers or co-stars accusing the actress of something, or Kangana making a statement that sends the industry into a frenzy, the Queen actress makes sure she tops tabloid headlines as often as possible!

Among many controversies, one that still manages to stay afloat is that of Kangana stealing the writing credits of Simran from writer, Apurva Asrani. The writer has come out in the open several times, trashing Kangana, but she chose to maintain a dignified silence, at least until now!

Setting the record straight at a recent event, she said that Apurva Asrani's Facebook note, soon after Rangoon didn’t do well at the box office, was in bad taste and done deliberately. She went on to add, “First of all, I would like to clarify there are no dues pending. Somehow, it has been made to look like Apurva has not been given his due, whereas we have done exactly what he had asked for.”

Clearing the air at the trailer launch of Simran, she said, “We fail to understand, I mean he's the one who suggested I take additional credits (for) dialogues. All the documents and contracts were signed too. Post that he and I also worked for a schedule together, he came to my house too. And after many months, he decided to write this note when Rangoon flopped and 2-3 people attacked me, which I thought was in a very bad taste. It was planned and extremely deliberate. If there is anything we can do in this matter we would love to, but there is nothing we can do. He's got all the credits he wanted and this is where we stand today.”

Considering Apurva received his due credit eventually, they writer when contacted by Indian Express said, “The truth is that Kangana has contributed to the dialogue and she has embellished the dialogues. There was never a question about that and I am not even refuting that. The due credits have been given. They made the correction on the posters also.” He went on to add, “I now have top billing as story, screenplay & dialogue writer, I am happy I have got my dues and I want to just move on.”

All’s well that ends well! Now that Kangana and Apurva have both got what they wanted, and decided to move on, we can finally put this controversy behind us.

Simran is all set to release on 14th September, and we can’t wait! Have you watched the trailer yet?

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