Kamya Panjabi speaks candidly about depression after her divorce and finding happiness again

Kamya Panjabi speaks candidly about depression after her divorce and finding happiness again

The Shakti actress spills the details on her long distance marriage

Divorcee Kamya Panjabi tied the knot with health care professional, Shalabh Dang back in February and the newlyweds are in a long distance marriage.  This comes two and a half years after the actress experienced a painful divorce with actor Karan Patel with whom she has two children. 

In an interview with E Times, Kamya opened up about the emotional turmoil she experienced after the breakup of her marriage. “Frankly after Karan it took me two-and-a-half years to get back to a normal life,” explains the actress. “After the breakup, I had gone under a shell, I was not eating, sleeping. I didn't feel like doing anything. I was into depression. I was undergoing counselling and there were lots of things happening.” 

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Kamya met new husband Shalabh through work after a friend recommended him to her for some medical advice. The pair met in Mumbai to discuss working together and continued talking afterwards. The Shakti actress talks about how she felt when she met him, “Shalabh has seen and loved me for what I am. When he came into my life, slowly that fear went away. It's not like I took the decision overnight. I also saw him and gave time to this relationship, met his family and other things and then I said yes. He knew that I am like that and he knows how to deal with me.

The actress went on to describe how her new husband showed her a new way of loving, “Shalabh is something different, he's someone who I have not seen and experienced in my life. I never knew that a husband, a man is supposed to be like this. He won my trust, love and I don't fear anything in life now. He is there to support me, love me and I know that I have his back all the time and this makes me an even stronger person.”

Kamya lives in Mumbai for work while husband Shalabh lives and works in Delhi. The mother of two spoke about being in a long distance marriage, “You know initially I did not feel like I was married as we are into a long distance relationship. In fact, I had told this to him on Holi that ‘Oh we are married’ and his reply was you are ‘realising it today, it's been a month’. I did not feel that way in that first month. We would meet for two days in 15 days.” The pandemic gave the couple some quality time together, “The lockdown came as a blessing in disguise for us because of it, and we got a chance to stay together for three months.”

With shooting starting up again the newlyweds are once again in a long distance relationship, “Now, he is back in Delhi and I returned to Mumbai 15 days ago. I told him today only that my staying away from you period has expired and I am missing him. But I also understand that he has to be there and we can't meet now very often.” Keeping in touch, “Phone calls, messages, and video calls have kept us together and connected. It’s fine and I just pray that things will get better and we will get a chance to meet each other.”

Although the couple do not live together, that does not stop the romantic nature of their relationship, “He is extremely romantic,” shares Kamya. “He keeps surprising me with flowers, cakes, cards. He keeps sending something or the other. I have threatened him this time, if you send me flowers again, I will block you. He told me you can't. He is absolutely romantic, he would play songs for me, when I was in Delhi, he would give ice cream with I love you, or you are special for me written over it. He would make something special for me be it cards, songs or food.”

How cute are they? We totally ship these star crossed lovers. ​

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