Kamal Vachani

Kamal Vachani

The Director of Al Maya Group has a delish snack up his sleeve

Kamal Vachani is a proud foodie. Someone who enjoys cooking in as much as he likes eating out. And what better way to whet your appetite at home than with a yummy, cheese snack. That's just what we get from the director of Al Maya Group. He tells us his recipe, which uses a very light cheese, goes very well with biscuits and crackers, and it can be prepared in minutes. Go for it and get snacking!

Black Pepper Cheese

Kraft Cheese Blue 1 Large Tin

Single cream 1 cup

Butter 150 gms

Whole Black Pepper One handful

Grind the whole black pepper, and keep aside.

Grate the Kraft cheese and then put it in a mixer with single cream and butter. Grind until the mixture thicken, then keep aside.

Add the butter to a steel bowl, followed by a black pepper base. Add the cream mixture to this, and then add some more black pepper on the top. Put this in the freezer for about 30 minutes. It's ready to serve.

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