Kalki Koechlin on Her Pregnancy: ‘People Get Judgmental About Being Unmarried and Having a Child’
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Kalki Koechlin on Her Pregnancy: ‘People Get Judgmental About Being Unmarried and Having a Child’

Kalki Koechlin had to face a lot of social media trolling ever since she announced her pregnancy. The actress talks about how she handles it

The feisty Kalki Koechlin known for her  unconventional  professional and personal  choices , here speaks to Subhash K Jha about her impending motherhood  and  why unconventional is the  conventional  for her.

Firstly, my congratulations. So happy that you have embraced motherhood . What prompted  you  to take this vital decision?

Thank you. The pregnancy happened unexpectedly and we just felt we were ready to bring up a child together

I believe  there has been a lot  of unwanted  comment on the social media on  your  decision to became a mother. Were  you  prepared  for the backlash? How have you handled the  negative vibes ?

I knew we still have people being judgmental about being unmarried and having a child in India, but honestly trolling on social media is nothing new or surprising and something that any celebrity deals with, so I don't take it to heart. In comparison, my neighbours, colleagues and friends have been so supportive and wonderful, and made me appreciate how many lovely people surround us on a daily basis.

When and how  did you meet  your baby's father? And at what point  of time did  you decide he was the one?

I am not willing to share our personal story too much as we enjoy our privacy .But we've been together for  two years. He's a pianist and works with children a lot and is very patient so he always seemed to me like a natural father.

Workwise I am sure you will be take a  maternity leave. How long would you be absent from  work? And do you think  you will miss working?

I'm off for about five months. I'm sure I'll miss the creative streak of working on new material but then, this is kind of… the biggest role of my life, motherhood So I'm enjoying this process and I'm sure I will learn a lot more in the coming months.

Of late  you have been very busy with films and  the  OTT platform. Do you see the two media to be mutually  inclusive?

I think they can help each other by creating a healthy competition, where the quality of work, especially of script writing explores new territory and technique and the alternative platform will create more jobs for the ones on the fringes.

We saw  you in  the wonderful Made In Heaven and now Bhram which  revolves  around your character. How comfortable were  you shooting this  eerie yarn  and  does  the horror genre  interest  you greatly?

I see this as a psychological thriller more than an outright horror, and the psyche interests me, what goes on in a mind after trauma. I got to say I'm a real fattu when it comes to watching horror, I jump at every scare.

Tell me about your plans while you are  on  maternity leave?

I think I'll read a lot more, that's something I haven't found time to do with my career so much. I'm sure though I'll look at all the classics again for movies and would love to catch up on animation especially  Japanese animation  with my child.

There has been a lot  of talk of MeToo and a change in the work ethics  of  the  film industry. Do you  notice this change and  how far do you think the male gaze and  attitude has changed  in the  film industry?

Not much. In certain production teams I see an effort to put in awareness, like working on intimacy scenes and ensuring the actors are comfortable, or having a code of conduct workshop when working in the creative field. But overall perhaps it has translated more in wariness and caution than awareness and genuine change.

One more thing, what prompted   you to  do  an 'item song' in  Nerkonda Paarvai?

I liked Pink. They said they're doing a remake with an opening song that has a strong female performer.

Looking back on your journey so  far , personal and  professional, is there  anything  you would like to change , if given a  second chance?

Not really. I do cringe at some of my choices and past work, but I've learnt from them, and see my failures as a valuable lesson to tackle the future.

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