Kajol: "My Kids Say I Cry Too Much in My Films"

Kajol: "My Kids Say I Cry Too Much in My Films"

Kajol on her upcoming Tamil movie with Dhanush, bringing up children and friendships…
Kajol: "My Kids Say I Cry Too Much in My Films"


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After the not-so-impressive turn out of her last venture Dilwale, Kajol will now be seen in a Tamil film VIP 2 opposite Dhanush. The actress says she was sceptical about it in the beginning but is ultimately happy with the results. Here she speaks about the film, her children and the films in the pipeline.

What made you take up a Southern film after 20 years?

It's been 20 years after my first South film (Sapnay) but I wanted to do another film sooner. I was sceptical about doing the film because I don't know the language (Tamil) and it's difficult to learn. This is a technical issue. I had done Sapnay first and I had worked hard on that film. After that I vowed not do film in any other language.  When they (Dhanush and Aishwarya) came to me, they said that I will have only 50 percent of Tamil and other 50 percent would be in English. The first day I went on the sets they gave me three pages of dialogues in Tamil!  There was no English in it and only my name appeared in English.  I sat with head phones and voice notes. They said they would manage. I thought I would not be able to do it. I was sleepless. By the third day I understood the rhythm of the language and life became easier. They gave me a page and told me that it will be in done one shot but after a point, I very comfortable.

How was it working with Dhanush, have you watched his films?

I have not seen his films and he was also upset about it. I think he is a fine actor and he has written the film himself and since he was the writer he could change a lot of dialogues to suit me. Both Soundarya and Dhanush worked with me. The Tamil went smoothly and I do not think that it looked forced.

Tell us about your character Vasundhara Parmeshwaran?

I didn't have to work on it much. She is a woman with lot of confidence and has worked hard to achieve a lot in life and on her own. That is Vasundahara. She believes she does not need anybody to do what she wants to do.  There is a dialogue where she says I don't have to worry about myself. That itself shows how she is. She says she will always succeed.

The character is somewhat closer to you?

Oh! I love her confidence! I also believe that you have to stand up and work all your life and not depend on anyone. Hopefully I will work all my life. Vasundhara has her own world as she has created it. Raghuvaran has a different world, his  thinking and beliefs are his own. When they meet each other, their world clash and how they try to fight it out is what the film is all about. That is the crux of the film.

You must have missed your kids during the shoot, you never leave them…

I miss them. The way they had planned the schedule was easy. I would go and come back after five days over the weekend and spend time with them.  Fortunately I didn't have to stay away for long.

How do your kids review your films?

They always said I cry too much in films. They keep asking me why I don’t do films like their Papa does - Golmaal or Singham? That's why I did a film like Dilwale for them. But they said I cried in that too!

Will we ever see you doing a Golmaal?

I would love to do comedy. I am doing another film with my home production and it's going to be a humorous film.  We will announce it soon. 

What about working with Ajay?

I would love for it to happen and let me see. I don't have anything on my hand right now.  

How is it being a mom to a teenage daughter? Do you any curfew time for them?

She is handling me very well. There are a lot of changes and mood swings and she is a typical teenager. Fortunately for me I have wonderful children.  I tell them to be careful and she looks at me and says, 'Mamma I am always careful'. It’s true, they are like that. They are logical and thinkers and  a little bit like their father but they have my attitude. I am very much a strict mother and I feel that rules and discipline are necessary and it gives them a reason to be good citizens.  They get a reason and they are guided through time and know they are loved, wanted and cared for. When they know that I am watching over them they feel secure.  It is true that I have time restrictions at my house and we have lot of fights over them.

Does the current situation worry you? Have you made her aware of them?

It worries me. I am a normal mother and try not to let my worry affect them or colour their reality with my notions. They should understand what the world is about and take precautions but they should not be scared. It is important for us to understand that we cannot let us colour their reality. 

Will she take up acting?

I want her to be what she wants to be and not do under compulsion. I want her to make her own choices with a free and clear mind.

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