Kahin Deep Jalay Final Episode Review: Imran Ashraf’s Show Ends On a Disappointing Note
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Kahin Deep Jalay Final Episode Review: Imran Ashraf’s Show Ends On a Disappointing Note

Imran Ashraf, Neelum Munir and Ali Abbas headline this Har Pal Geo show, a show which raked in TRPs and intrigued viewers despite its regressive storyline

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Kahin Deep Jalay is a show that has managed to keep viewers interested while also presenting viewers with some of the worst male characters seen on television in a long time. Our main lead, Rida (Neelum Munir) is the apple of her brothers’ eyes – but wait, these brothers don’t trust Rida as far as they can throw her. While Faham (Ali Abbas) supports and loves her blindly, that also means he must die.

How else would the story remain interesting.  And with her husband now dead, Shameela (Nazish Jahangir) makes it her mission to get revenge on Rida – because she’s to blame for Faham’s death, of course!  With Shameela out to get her, her two brothers mistreating and misunderstanding her and Zeeshan (Imran Ashraf) accusing her of infidelity, Rida has a lot to deal with. Despite what viewers were hoping for, Kahin Deep Jalay chooses to have a “happy ending” – but happy for whom? And whose version of happiness is this ending exactly?

In a turn of events that viewers like myself can only term as “regressive,” Rida and Zeeshan reunite.  Let’s discuss how this plays out. Rida has been adamant that she cannot forgive Zeeshan for how he maligned her and tarnished her reputation due to his own insecurities. Her point was valid, a point that women and men in South Asian society need to register and a point that should have been driven home through this show.

Of course, that’s not what happened.  Rida has a dream in which Faham (Ali Abbas) basically tells her that Allah loves those who forgive.  So does Zeeshan come asking for forgiveness?  Of course not.  After reading “Rida’s” text (from Shameela), Zeeshan decides he’s going to hire an assassin to…..kill him.  Really, Zeeshan is committing suicide, just to further show how toxic of a character Zeeshan is – and remains until the very end of the show.  Zeeshan cannot deal with his actions, so he decides to have himself killed so that his wife can hold herself accountable for his death for the rest of her life. 

Are we all on the same page now as to how terrible Zeeshan really is as a character?  Okay, so anyway, Rida finds out what Zeeshan is doing and both she and Asim head over to stop him.  Rida forgives Zeeshan and then…..they reunite.  Happy endings are always great in TV shows.  It’s wonderful when a show can leave the viewer smiling rather than crying – but that’s only applicable when the story is deserving of that particular ending.  Does that ending make sense?  In this case, it does not.  It’s regressive to say the least and sends a terrible message that women must stay in toxic marriages instead of breaking away and finding happiness elsewhere. 

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking Rida didn’t have better options – Tauqeer was a better option and a loyal, good man.  Instead, Tauqeer is villainized throughout the show for simply liking Rida and, ultimately, he is forced to beg for “forgiveness” as well for literally doing nothing but love Rida.  Isn’t there something deeply wrong with a show that sends a message that loving someone is a crime?

The show ends with Shameela on the streets as a beggar (a beggar with beautiful skin and access to a shower apparently).  She watches Rida and Zeeshan with their baby and curses herself for trying to destroy their happiness.  This type of scene serves no real purpose – Shameela did not regret her actions even after her second divorce.  Shameela’s end came across as rushed and empty.

First, the random moment where she’s chased down by potential rapists and forced to run into the street only to be hit by a van…..why?  Why was this a plot point?  What purpose did it serve?  And then next, her monologue on her mistakes in life – she hasn’t apologized to anyone she hurt, she hasn’t tried to make amends, but has just resigned herself to her fate in the streets?  As viewers, we are above this kind of forced ending. 

Shameela has a brother, she has a way to repent and rebuild her life, but of course, we are forced to see our “bad girl” (who is, no doubt, absolutely terrible and repulsive) suffer at the hands of karma rather than attain forgiveness.  Why does Zeeshan deserve forgiveness, but not Shameela?  Yes, Shameela is a vindictive character while Zeeshan is an insecure, mentally unstable one, but again, this drives home a point that only men should be forgiven for their bad behavior while women must be punished in the worst way.

Kahin Deep Jalay raked in the TRPs and, to be honest, the show boasted of some solid performances from Neelum Munir, Imran Ashraf, Ali Abbas, Nazish Jahangir and really, just everyone involved.  The acting cannot be faulted. Unfortunately, the show is not one that will be remembered ten years from now for anything other than its beautiful OST.  The show put across regressive ideas and even when given the chance to break away and present viewers with a different sort of ending, they chose to travel the beaten path.  Good riddance to this show, it will not be missed.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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