Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 22: Shameela Spins Out Of Control In Her Vendetta
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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 22: Shameela Spins Out Of Control In Her Vendetta

Circumstances grow dire for Neelum Munir’s Rida when Imran Ashraf’s Zeeshan kicks her out of their home – only to be physically attacked by Shameela

Kahin Deep Jalay continues on its path of melodrama and slightly illogical sequences of events.  But with its ensemble cast, it’s an addictive show and the viewer just hangs on, hoping Rida will eventually get the justice she deserves.  Will that be possible though?

In episode 22, Zeeshan (Imran Ashraf) continues to fight his insecurities and despite realizing his fault in blaming Rida (Neelum Munir) for cheating, he is seen speaking to himself saying that he cannot bear the humiliation of apologizing.  While his mother (Saba Hameed), a brilliant character, the mother in law that should be the norm, continues to push him to bring Rida back, Zeeshan puts her off, unable to express his emotions. Zeeshan is a character that is all too familiar, the toxic husband that too many females have had to deal with and continue to deal with and the way Imran Ashraf portrays him is actually incredible – he is a character who looks so innocent, considers himself a “good guy” and doesn’t recognize his own glaring faults or how he mistreats his wife.  While this character is one to be hated, Imran Ashraf is to be applauded for portraying him so well.

Of course, zehreeli Shameela (Nazish Jahangir) is on a roll despite her husband just passing away.  She takes every opportunity to make Rida and her mother-in-law (Saba Faisal) look bad.  Attempting to murder Rida and then turning it around to make it look as though they are trying to murder her, speaking rudely to her mother in law and then making it look as though she is being abused by her mother-in-law…..it’s all sickening to watch and yet, I’m sure there are people like this in the world – but they are called psychopaths and their families make them seek the help of a psychiatrist.  In Pakistani dramas though (and maybe even some section of Pakistani society), they are simply “Bhabis.”

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 22: Shameela Spins Out Of Control In Her Vendetta

What’s frustrating about the show at this point is the sheer lack of logical characters.  Faham’s (Ali Abbas) presence is sorely missed – and the sincerity of his character is felt even after he’s gone.  While Faham would have stood for Rida no matter what, Haatim and Asim, despite always claiming to love Rida, do not waste a moment before ripping her character to shreds and believing Shameela’s lies.  What makes it worse is how the lies are so blatantly…..well, lies.  Why would any sensible individual believe Shameela over their own mother and sister?  Considering Asim had to leave their home because of Shameela, why would he waste even a brain cell on her version of the story?  Haatim is also a different level of unlikable.  While he initially seemed like just an overtly conservative man, he is proving to be hot-headed and emotional with all his decisions. 

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 22: Shameela Spins Out Of Control In Her Vendetta

Initially icing Zeeshan out despite knowing Rida's life would be affected by it and now believing Shameela over Rida…..it’s all frustrating to watch.  What’s surprising is that the most logical characters in the entire show are Shameela’s brother and sister-in-law.  While Shameela may paint them out to be “villains,” these two characters are the ones who truly recognize Shameela’s ways.  And while they may not understand the extent of her manipulation and deception, they understand enough to realize that her story about Rida and Khala is a lie.

At this point, there’s no doubt that Haatim will step up and marry Shameela, creating even more havoc.  On the other end, Tauqeer (Ali Ansari) is informed by his sister that Rida’s married life has been destroyed due to his letter.  One hopes Tauqeer will return to clear things up with Zeeshan – and hopefully actually get Rida away from Zeeshan entirely.  Kahin Deep Jalay is certainly the definition of a guilty pleasure.  It’s a show that cannot be classified as “good” in the sensible way and yet, it keeps the viewer hooked and coming back for more.

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