Kadaram Kondan: Actor Chiyaan Vikram Speaks on His Latest Film and on Being Appreciated by Kamal Haasan

Kadaram Kondan: Actor Chiyaan Vikram Speaks on His Latest Film and on Being Appreciated by Kamal Haasan

Kadaram Kondan is a Tamil action thriller, which hit the screens on 19th July 2019. It's lead actor Vikram shared his thoughts on the film

Actor Chiyaan Vikram -- who predominantly appears in Tamil language movies -- is the lead in action thriller Kadaram Kondan, which released on 19th July 2019. The actor has previously worked with several senior directors but for this movie he teamed up with Rajesh M Selva, who has only directed one film before Kadaram Kondan. Speaking to the media before the movie’s release, Vikram said, “It was fantastic working with Rajesh, he was very clear about his requirements and at the same time, he gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with my looks. I also believe in directors' conviction; if they are firm about something, I would definitely do it because they are the decision-makers on the sets. All you have to do is to blindly follow them; so either you should become the director or believe them. I prefer the latter."

Veteran actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan was full of praise for Vikram at the film’s trailer launch. Vikram responded to his appreciation, saying, “I think it’s so kind of him to say such good things about me on the stage. Generally, he doesn’t praise other actors so whatever good things he told me at the trailer launch is equal to ten National Awards. Moreover, my childhood was filled with Kamal sir’s films. I grew up watching his performance and as he hails from my hometown, it was quite natural for me to consider him as the role model in the film industry. When you hear words of appreciation from a person like him, it’s definitely a memorable moment."

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It was Kamal Haasan who recommended Vikram for Kadaram Kondan. The actor revealed that when he signed the film, he was told that the role had been written for Kamal Haasan but he had suggested Vikram instead. The actor further said, “Though I don’t know the reason behind his decision, I was honoured and said yes just because Kamal sir is producing the film. Later, I was also impressed with the storyline and my characterisation. We all gained confidence when Kamal sir was impressed; when I showed him my final look in the film with the salt and pepper hairdo, he said ‘wow’”.

Kadaram Kondan’s story unfolds over a day. It is about a carjacker, who learns that the woman whose car he has stolen is in danger, and tries to save her. The actor said there is a ‘suspense element’ around his role in the film. He will also be part of Mani Ratnam’s magnum opus Ponniyin Selvan, which will go on the floors early next year. Vikram has committed four months for the movie and is already working on his looks and physical training process for this big project.

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