Kaaf Kangana Movie Review: A Massive Disappointment
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Kaaf Kangana Movie Review: A Massive Disappointment

Kaaf Kangana movie review is in. Our veteran reviewer Hasan Kazmi has just watched and this is what he had to say about this love story

  • Movie Name Kaaf Kangana
  • Director Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
  • Actor Ayesha Omar, Sami Khan, Fiza Ali
  • Rating
  • Rating 2/5 Stars

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Before moving further on the Kaaf Kangana movie review, let’s make it very clear that Kaaf Kangana was set in another universe, just like Marvel and DC, so even if you try to find any sense out of it, then you are at fault. In this extended universe of Mr. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar (KRQ), there exists a Pakistani and a Muslim (keep this order in mind) Ali Mustafa (Sami Khan), meets Kangana Rathore (Eshal Fayyaz) who is of course a Hindu girl from India at the finale of SAARC Quiz Competition that was “strategically” held on 16th of December and hosted by a “Bangladeshi”, who is obviously very biased.

The Premise:

After a really “tough” competition Ali Mustafa controversially lost to Kangana as he refused to answer a really disputed question (when did the state of Jammu and Kashmir opt to unite with India?). The Bangladeshi host passed that question to Kangana and she answered it “correctly” thus not only won the trophy but also a 7-day trip to Lahore. During her stay Ali Mustafa and Kangana fell for each other so he decides to go to India and bring her back to Lahore. The story has twists and turns, however weak screenplay and direction overshadowed what could have been an above average film. Keeping in view that Kaaf Kangana is a directorial debut of KRQ, the acclaimed writer never looked in control. It looks as if he believes in hammering the message in the audiences’ head rather than passing it on to them. KRQ also needs to understand that not every dialogue can a punchline.

The Performances in Kaaf Kangana:

This was Sami Khan’s 3rd film this year. After the success of Wrong No. 2 the audience’s expectations from Sami were also quite high. To be fair, he looked much better than his previous 2 films Gumm and Wrong No. 2. His character demands him to be quite most of the time, and show his resilience when his love was challenged due to geographical boundaries and remained determine, which he did actually, however the loudness of the film especially the ever-irritating background score apprehends his efforts. I would also like to give Sami Khan some credit for romancing Eshaal Fayyaz, who looked absolutely miscast. Eshaal Fayyaz, is making her film debut, her only claim to fame so far is as a model although she has acted in few dramas previously. Her acting and dialogue delivery was totally off the cuff, and her make-up and her attires were way overdramatic. As I said earlier that even Sami Khan must have found it really difficult to romance with her In whatever romantic scene they had together. Sajid Hasan, a seasoned actor also failed to make any impact as a father of Indian girl who loves a Pakistani boy. Also making his film debut, Aabi Khan, KRQ’s son who was playing a character of street goon but later turns out to be a macho man was also quite difficult to digest. Playing a bubbly and jackass Lahori girl Ayesha Omar didn’t have much room to do anything as script literally gave her no margin of performance. However, even then she at least filled the screen with some beauty shots whenever she appeared. Her comic timings were also interesting on couple of occasion. Neelam Muneer’s much awaited item number is a total waste of time, energy and money (if any was spent at all).

Production Value:

The production design of the entire movie was inspired by Indian Soaps and it seems that only window to India for the filmmaker was limited to soap operas. The background, set, location is completely ignorable, there was no effort made to make people in the Diwali party at least appeared as if they belong to the Indian Punjab. One could hardly watch Neelam dance as camera is constantly focusing on her face only. It remains to be determined whether Neelam failed to dance or it was the director who couldn’t manage to capture her moves.  The songs of this movie were nice and carried an 80s or 90s feeling however extremely bad picturization and low-cost production didn’t leave any impact.

The Storyline is What Ultimately Fails the Film:

The storyline of this film has a very strong resemblance in some of its scenes from Syed Noor’s iconic Deewane Tere Pyar Kay especially the sequence in which hero somehow manages to get to the country of her beloved without a visa. One of many major issues with Kaaf Kangana is that it opens too many chapters and then forgets to finish them. Kangana was sent home from Lahore because her father’s profession was an issue, we never came to know about her father’s profession and then she can just walk back in Pakistan without visa or even passport. Sunny Deol references, an Indian army officer name Bajrangi looks hilariously bad.

The Verdict:

I would say that Kaaf Kangana was a genuine attempt by KRQ to make it a romantic film however in the middle of his own story he couldn’t decide whether it is a romantic story or he wants to settle a score with India. Kaaf Kangana is an inverse love story that fails to create any impact other than a headache, as I walked out of the cinema in complete despair. It is indeed an utter disappointment for those who went to the cinema expecting something really good from Mr. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar who has innumerable hits in the recent history of Pakistani cinema and television.

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