Kaaf Kangana Emerge Out of The Pain At Partition: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar

Kaaf Kangana Emerge Out of The Pain At Partition: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar

Kaaf Kanagna trailer received a lot of backlash on social media and here’s what he has to say about it

The ace writer and director Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has finally announced the release date of his much awaited and debated film Kaaf Kangna. The film is being released on 25th of October all over Pakistan. Since its announcement, the film has been in the news mainly because of its subject, which has a touch of Indo-Pak flashpoint Kashmir issue and secondly for its several changes in the cast. Initially, Sohai Ali Abro was cast as titular role with Farhan Saeed alongside. Then Urwa Hocane replaced Sohai for the same role.

News of joining veteran actress Resham for an important role in the film also surfaced. Now, as the film has been announced for the release, it features model turned actor Eshal Fayyaz and Sami Khan in lead roles along with Ayesha Omar. Kaaf Kangna is second film of KRQ as writer after the block buster Punajb Nahi Jaungi (2017) but first as a director. The film is an intense romantic drama with a patriotic trace made in collaboration with the ISPR.

There are many more inside stories attached to the film, which can be discussed at some other time but here we share the talk with captain of the ship Khalil-ur-Rehman, who faced the entire crisis, and told us about his journey since the inception of an idea to the final presentation. 

Where did you get the idea of Kaaf Kangana from?

This is like a verse suddenly come into your mind, which is called Aamad in Urdu.  I think it was from such pain I was feeling for the people of Kashmir. Kaaf Kangana is not actually based on the concept of Kashmir issue. It is an intense love story about a girl, Kaneez Fatima who was stopped at border while she was making her journey to Pakistan at the time of partition for her love. Then, she lost her love in the way but now I wanted to make that love story to reach its end in 2019. So, that is the whole idea of Kaaf Kangna.

Why it is Kaaf with Kangana?

Kaaf in Urdu stands for Kashmir and for Kangana, the lead character of film, and also for Kaneez Fatima, the girl, who was stopped 72 years ago.

You did some shoot with Urwa Hocane before finalising Eshal Fayyaz for the lead role? Urwa said she left because of some difference with work?

The truth is that I got her out from my film. Anything else is total lie. I have said much about it earlier and don’t care anymore now.

How did you find Eshal for the title role?

Eshal Fayyaz is a gem that I have carved in Kaaf Kangana. She has done a remarkable job in the film. I am sure she will do wonders in the industry in future.

Would you cast her again in any of your future project? 

Why not? She is my discovery. I will definitely nurture the seed, which I planted in this field.   

How Sami became the choice of male lead?

Sami Khan is a fine and well groomed actor. I have worked with him before in drama serial ‘To Dil ka Kiya Howa’. It was a wonderful experience then and now.  He totally understood his character.

Ayesha Omar is an established star? How important her role in the film?

She is a typical and lively Punjabi girl of Lahore in Kaaf Kangana. I found Ayesha very professional and cooperative. I loved working with her.

You have introduced your son Aabi Khan in the film. What role you have given to him?

Aabi Khan is has come in acting for the first time. He is a Lahori munda and street smart, but is a nice and kind guy at the same time.

Most of your stories are women centric.  Is this same with KK also?

Yes. My inspiration is woman. I love to write stories which revolve around their lives, their emotions and their strength. Kaaf Kangna is the story of Kangana and Kaneez Fatima.

Where did you shoot Kaaf Kangana?

We mostly shot it in Lahore and Bahawalpur. We depicted Bahawalpur as India.

Did you shoot some scenes at Pak-India border?

Yes! Some of our climax scenes have been shot at the border. I can’t reveal much before the release.

You have been writing fabulous stories for many years but what made to direct your story this time?

Kaaf Kangana is really very close to my heart. I wanted it to be depicted as I thought it in my imagination. So, I decided it to direct this story into a film myself. I am sure you will find me a fabolous director as well after watching Kaaf Kangana.

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