K-Pop in UAE: Fans Feel THIS Band Will Take Centre Stage at the “Super event” This March

K-Pop in UAE: Fans Feel THIS Band Will Take Centre Stage at the “Super event” This March

Coca-Cola Arena’s Twitter handle has K-pop fans over the moon with its latest update. The company has teased another K-pop band making its way to the UAE and everything thinks its Super Junior!

For the past couple of years, K-pop bands have found a solid standing in the world of music as well as garnered a loyal fan base across the globe. From BTS to K-pop Krazy, the musical troupes have secured a place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. Hence, it is not surprising to see people going gaga on social media when any news – confirmed or not – drops about K-pop performing in some part of the world. Earlier this month, UAE residents were in state of disbelief when they received the news of K-Pop Krazy – the world’s first K-pop dance and musical sensation – debuting at Global Village. Global Village is set to showcase some of the mightiest hits of the multi-billion dollar K-pop industry to guests between January 13 and February 3.

The band is set to perform in the Gulf emirate this month before heading to out to its maiden international tour. If this was not enough, Coca-Cola Arena’s Twitter handle has K-pop fans over the moon with its latest update. The company posted a teaser on the micro-blogging site, with a short video clip that reads, “Get ready for a super event – K-pop in the UAE! March 20th.” The post was captioned, “We’ve got news that’s (k)poppin’ Trust us, it’s going to be super! #KPOPINUAE.” An influx of excited social media posts took over the comments section. “Can you please just bring BTS for their world tour? Please? That’s all we’ve been asking for the past 4 years!!” penned one K-pop fan. “We want BTS in UAE,” added another. “Tell me you are bringing bangtan here please?” wrote one user. Some even urged for the comeback of K-pop band Seventeen. But the most amount of noise has been for NU'EST, BTS and Super Junior! Coca-Cola then teased followers a tad bit more by writing, “Stay tuned to our social media pages to know more.”

Adding further to the hype, the original post has now been followed by another by Coca-Cola Arena. “We’re in love with all the #KPOPINUAE guesses! Keep ‘em coming! What artists do you think will be performing at #cocacolaarena on March 20th?” it tweeted. For many, the word ‘Super’ seems to have given the clue away, with 90% of Twitterati placing their bets on K-pop band Super Junior. We think its Super Junior too! But only time will tell!

While many K-pop troupes have become household names, BTS (a seven-member boy band) is still far ahead. As promised last year, the band even dropped the first song from their upcoming album four days ago and it is worth listening to. Titled, Black Swan, the music video has already made several rounds on social media. The song dropped days after the K-Pop band released their MotS 7 trailer titled Interlude: Shadow. Oddly enough, the new song features none of the BTS members. Instead, the South Korean boys have reached out to MN Dance Company to help bring their music video to life. The new song comes a few days ahead of the Grammys 2020 and BTS’ iHeartRadio performance. RM, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope and Suga are set to perform at the event live and fans are hoping they would present their first live performance on Black Swan at the event.

K-Pop in UAE: Fans Feel THIS Band Will Take Centre Stage at the “Super event” This March

Hence, the above mentioned shenanigans are proof that there is never a dull moment in the K-pop world. Who remembers the time when K-pop band Wav expressed its willingness to work with Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan last year? That was news that became the talk of the town for a long while! The six-member boy band which comprises of Ayno, Baron, Lou, Ace, Ziu and St Van, opened their shows to packed auditoriums in Delhi and Imphal in June 2019. The boys shared how they wished to get a hold of some Indian kulfi to beat the heat instead of opting for Korean Bingsu. When asked if they would ever want to work with an Indian artist, they replied, "Aamir Khan, without a doubt!" They were then told that the Dangal star is an actor, not a singer, to which they responded, “"Our personal favourite song is All Izz Well from 2009's 3 Idiots. It's the most famous Indian film in Korea. We’ve watched several Indian movies but that has been the one we liked the most so far. We want to work with Aamir since we have seen 3 Idiots. He’s good at acting!"

K-pop – a genre of music hailing for Korea – is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after throughout the world. For now, K-pop Krazy is set to enlighten fans and first-time listeners with memorable melodies and slick choreography as it takes centre stage at the world’s leading entertainment platform. The leading musical production consists of 14 members, aged between 18 years and 29 years, all of whom originate from South Korea’s capital, Seoul. With a large fan base in the UAE, we wonder which band will head to the country next. What’s your bet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.