K-Pop Band Wav Wants to Work with Aamir Khan!
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K-Pop Band Wav Wants to Work with Aamir Khan!

Boys of the popular band, VAV said that they enjoyed Aamir Khan's film 3 Idiots

If you're into music, you might have come across K-Pop -  a genre of music hailing for Korea, which includes boy bands just like The Backstreet Boys, N'Sync or One Direction. And just like them, K-Pop bands have a huge, worldwide fan following of their own, which contrary to popular belief is not limited to teenagers. BTS, a seven-member boy is one of the most famous ones from the K-Pop scene, whereas other more popular names include EXO, Big Bang and VAV, the last of which had their first Indian concert the past week. Wav recently chosen to express their desire to work with Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan

The six-member boy band which comprises of Ayno, Baron, Lou, Ace, Ziu and St Van, opened their shows to packed auditoriums in Delhi and Imphal on the weekend. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Lou mentioned that he can speak English, to which Ziu quickly added, "Hi, Namaste!" However, the rest of the conversation that took place required the help of an interpreter.

Unaffected by the hot weather of India, the boys shared how they wished to get a hold of some Indian kulfi to beat the heat instead of opting for Korean Bingsu. The band also got temperatures soaring when they sang Bollywood numbers at their concerts, namely Pehla Nasha and All Izz Well. This rose the question if they'd ever want to work with an Indian artist, to which they replied, "Aamir Khan, without a doubt!"

After mentioning that Aamir is an actor and not a singer, Lou explained, "Our personal favourite song is All Izz Well from 2009's 3 Idiots. It's the most famous Indian film in Korea. We’ve watched several Indian movies but that has been the one we liked the most so far. We want to work with Aamir since we have seen 3 Idiots. He’s good at acting!"

VAV also talked about the Indian rapping scene in India and how Gully Boy highlighted that. St Van shared, "We watched the trailer of Gully Boy and listened to its songs. We know that genre is the new thing in India. And we welcome any collaborative performances with Indian musicians."

Speaking of their trip to India, the boys mentioned that they weren't able to explore much of the country. Ayno shared, "I really want to touch a real elephant. The elephant is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of India.” They also expressed their desire to try more traditional and delicious Indian food, and to visit the historic Taj Mahal.

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