Junoon is BACK!

Pakistani rock band, Junoon, is back together after a very long time!
Junoon is BACK!

Those who grew up in the 90s in Pakistan will always remain under the awe of the golden era of the Pakistani pop music scene. Our childhood was lined with concerts of these phenomenal artists and saving money to buy their latest cassettes. I remember listening and singing these songs so repeatedly that I had memorized all lyrics by heart. Vital Signs, Junoon and Awaz were among the most prominent bands of our time. Junoon was different from the rest of the music artists because of being the first Sufi rock band of Pakistan. I am unsure if we had even heard this term before.

Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmad and Brin O'Connell were the heartbeats of the nation. Junoon, literally meaning passion, was breathed its music. They broke the trend of conventional sweet love songs and raised awareness through music on social and political issues. However, like many other creative collaborations in the world, this one could also not last long and Junoon broke up. The members followed their own paths and continued their creative journeys.

But as obvious, it was never the same.

Recently Ali Azmat, the lead vocalist of Junoon, posted on his official Instagram page that the band is coming back to life with a World Cup song. He said,
‘Am proud to share this news with you that Junoon is working together on a track for the first time in 15 years to support the Pakistan Cricket Team! Can't wait to share the final track and video with you once it's released.' Yes, Junoon is reuniting after fifteen long years to bring back its signature music to the audience.

Where many of the fans were over the moon to hear their reunion some fans were also skeptical. They thought that the reunion might disappoint them and kill the magic of Junoon they had held for years. ‘Good to c u guys together... still remember ur concerts of  90’s in Okara Cantt!’ Please organize something in NJ/ New York or else I’ll come to Houston! Can't wait’
‘Can’t say I’m too excited about the upcoming song considering your sponsor is a biscuit manufacturer and not the 90’s public concertgoers’

Some days ago Ali Azmat also posted memories from an old concert. ‘Jumping on the memories bandwagon from the previous post, this song is very close to my heart. I get a lot of requests for this song and there aren't any live versions of this one available online so sharing this with you. Let me know what you all think #AliAzmat #Junoon#90sKids #WillKnowThisOne#Memories #Inquilaab #Pakistan#PakistaniRock#FromPakistanToTheWorld#YourJunoon #19YrsOld #Classic#ChalayThaySaath’  Junoon’s songs still have the ability to transport us back to the 90s and make our hearts race. Let’s see what the reunion has to offer.