John and Priya Abraham Throw a Party to Celebrate Their Wedding
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John and Priya Abraham Throw a Party to Celebrate Their Wedding

The newlyweds John and Priya Abraham are planning to throw a bash to celebrate their wedding

We guess John Abraham’s friends like Shoojit Sircar and others have virtually sat on him and insisted that he throw that wedding reception after all… Like Shoojit earlier said, “He was will have to throw a party to celebrate – kanjoosi nahin chalegi!!”

So if you go past John’s Bandra residence, you’ll probably catch a glimpse of it getting all spruced up for a party. His dad, Mr. Abraham confirms that the house is being changed around, also in order to accommodate the new bride Priya Runchal-Abraham! She flies from London (where she’s currently studying) to Los Angeles to visit her parents and then flies into Mumbai next week.  

What is John doing right now? He’s busy inviting select friends to the bash next week! Here’s a glance at those already on the list: Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Rohit Dhawan, Sanjay Gupta, Shoojit Sircar and a few other close friends and relatives. Apparently Priya would like to keep it to a small gathering as well, since John and she are very private people. She will spend a few days in Mumbai before she flies off to London again.

Watch this space for the details next week!  

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