Jo Tu Chahay, Episode 9: Areesha And Armaan Find Happiness
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Jo Tu Chahay, Episode 9: Areesha And Armaan Find Happiness

In Hum TV’s Jo Tu Chahay, Areesha and Armaan find love in one another after marriage – but will their parents ruin it all?

Straight away, the new OST (“Yeh ishq hai dil ke aar paar”) is not only lyrically silly, but the song lowers the impact of the drama in a big way. With Pakistani dramas relying heavily on their OST being utilized during important moments, the removal of “Kun Faya Kun” and replacing it with the present title has mildly ruined the viewing experience. Moving on, the family politics in this show are intense, to say the least, and while Hashir and Bisma are plotting on getting married, Armaan and Areesha’s wedding is already in the danger zone with their parents warring on the frontlines.

Mashal (Alizeh Shah) is down after Areesha and Armaan’s wedding, but Hashir (Imran Abbas) stops by and decides to take Mashal and Bee Jaan out for ice cream. While the trio is there, they are spotted by Burhan (Raees Muhammad) – rather, they spot Burhan with his current girlfriend. Bee Jaan tells him off and Burhan quickly runs over to Bisma (Zarnish Khan) to inform her that he believes Hashir is having an affair with Mashal. Bisma becomes upset and calls Hashir. However, this backfires, as Hashir becomes furious at the thought of Bisma’s accusations. The two make up the next day with Bisma promising to open her heart to Bee Jaan and Mashal.

With Bee Jaan’s decision to get Areesha (Areej Mohyuddin) and Armaan (Ahmed Taha Ghani) married, the battles within the two households continue. Shama (Nargis Rasheed) and Faseeha (Naima Khan) continue to fight, both unhappy with this relationship between their children. The two ultimately end up having a showdown in the middle of the street and this fight ends with Faseeha visiting Bee Jaan and asking her to get the children divorced.

Once Armaan decided that he would marry Areesha, he has stuck to that decision like a sincere individual. The way Armaan and Areesha have developed their bond after marriage is sweet to see. While Areesha may be a spoiled, self-centered girl, Armaan seems to bring out the best in her and she seems devoted in her love for him. It’s also nice to see that Armaan, despite his liking for Mashal, has committed himself completely to Areesha post-Nikkah. However, with what their mothers have in store for them, will this couple be able to stay together happily?