Jo Tou Chahay Episode 29: Armaan Begins To Stray From Areesha
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Jo Tou Chahay Episode 29: Armaan Begins To Stray From Areesha

In Jo Tou Chahay, Imran Abbas and Zarnish Khan’s Hashir and Bisma will face more obstacles as their siblings’ marriage begins to fall apart when Armaan begins to stray

  • Movie Name Jo Tou Chahay
  • Director Ilyas Kashmiri
  • Actor Imran Abbas, Zarnish Khan, Alizeh Shah

Jo Tou Chahay has an ensemble cast and revolves around the drama between two brothers and their families.  As episode 29 begins, Bisma begins to feel insecure regarding Hashir’s (Imran Abbas) constant interaction with Mashal (Alizeh Shah) and begins to devise a plan to remove Mashal from the scene.  She speaks to Shama (Nargis Rashid) and convinces her to marry off Burhan to Mashal after he expresses an interest in her and the two realize that Burhan will not be able to get any other decent girl with his education and work qualifications.  Shama agrees after realizing she will inherit Mashal’s house with the marriage, once again showing her negative intentions towards Mashal.  Unfortunately, Burhan’s behavior only gets worse as the audience sees him holding a husband, wife and their daughter hostage with some friends for money, brandishing guns and showing signs of extreme violence.

Not to be left behind, Faseeha (Naima Khan) devises a plan of her own to rid Hashir of Bisma by visiting a “peer.”  When he gives Faseeha water to give to Hashir day and night to eliminate his love for Bisma, Faseeha puts Mashal in charge of giving it to him.  Mashal is overcome with guilt for being a part of this plan.  While she does love Hashir, she does not agree with the plan to forcibly remove his love for Bisma.  Meanwhile, Areesha (Areej Mohyudin) and Armaan (Ahmed Taha Khan) continue to have a rocky marriage and Armaan begins to show clear signs of straying after Areesha accuses a neighboring tenant of trying to have an affair with her husband.  Hearing this, the tenant has made it her business to destroy Areesha’s home, luring Armaan in with her sweet words – the opposite of what he hears from Areesha.

Jo Tou Chahay isn’t a particularly intelligent show, nor does it have a lead character (Mashal) worth rooting for.  In fact, most viewers find themselves siding with Bisma regarding her feelings towards Hashir and Mashal’s relationship.  If anything, Mashal’s character comes across as a troublemaker – a meek troublemaker, but a troublemaker nonetheless.  That being said, Jo Tou Chahay is the type of show to watch on a rainy day as it’s full of drama, love and all the ridiculous masala necessary for an entertaining show.  However, as mentioned, it is lacking a strong character to root for.  All the characters lean more towards the unlikable mold than not.  Bisma and Hashir are the two most likable characters and it would actually be nice to see them end up together – because they like each other.  With Burhan now in jail, it will be interesting to see how the family reacts when they find out.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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