Jo Tou Chahay, Episode 10: Areesha Is Off to Dubai
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Jo Tou Chahay, Episode 10: Areesha Is Off to Dubai

In this Hum TV show, Areesha’s visa arrives, slowly pushing the focus onto Hashir and Bisma….and Mashal?

First things first, the OST has really begun to grate on the nerves.  It’s such a downgrade to go from Sahir Ali Bagga’s beautiful “Kun Faya Kun” to picking up these “Yeh ishq hai dil ke aar paar” lines, regardless of the reason.  Coming to the show itself, the story has started moving into the “main” story at last.  The story, until present, has been slowly building up, but the question has been…..building up to what?  While it’s clear that Hashir and Areesha and Bisma and Armaan are two sets of siblings destined to end up together, where does Mashal fall into this storyline?  Yes, viewers are well-aware of her innocence, simplicity and honesty, as it’s constantly conveyed (even when unnecessary), but how does she fit into the greater picture has been unclear – until now.

In episode 10, Areesha (Areej Mohyudin) and Armaan’s (Ahmed Taha Khan) relationship continues to grow, now happily married and strengthening their relationship with each passing day.  As Faseeha (Naima Khan) and Shama (Nargis Rashid) continue to bicker, plotting sabotage on the marriage of their own children, Armaan calls Areesha informing her that her visa has arrived and she should come to Dubai within the week.  Areesha happily announces this to Shama and Daadi (Azra Mansoor Hussain).  Daadi explains to Shama and Faseeha that this is God’s will, as he made this happen while they were plotting something else.  Both women remain unhappy about the marriage and refuse to bow down to demands to see Areesha off from Shama’s home.

Mashal (Alizeh Shah) gets a phone call from Armaan, apologizing to her for how things turned out.  This scene shows Armaan’s sincerity and his genuineness as an individual, as he is happy and loyal to his wife, but still apologizes to Mashal for his part in her heartbreak.  Mashal excuses it and goes shopping with Areesha and Hashir (Imran Abbas).  While shopping, Hashir notices Mashal eyeing a suit and asks her to pick it up – but Areesha protests, so he lets it go.  When she isn’t aware, he goes back and buys it for Mashal and also buys a suit for Bisma (Zarnish Khan).  When Areesha sees the suit, she erupts in anger, anger which is very much exaggerated and unnecessary – but this is only to show how spoiled Areesha is and how, possibly, her marriage with Armaan will fare.

On the other end, Bisma worries about a proposal Shama is actively pursuing, worried that she will be forced to marry someone else.  She fights over this with Hashir, but he tells her not to worry.  Stressed, she spots him leaving Mashal and Daadi’s house and becomes more agitated, feeling he has time for everyone but her.  Hashir manages to calm her down and promises to speak to the family about it after Areesha and Armaan’s send off.

There are a few scenes in this episode which stand out.  First, when Shama explodes over Areesha’s “rukhsati,” why does Bisma encourage it?  Rather, Bisma seems almost hateful of Faseeha, only a little less than her mother.  If Bisma wants to marry Hashir, why on earth would she deem it appropriate to openly insult his mother to her family?  Rather, any rational girl would be trying to change her mother’s mind in order to marry Hashir.  This is a huge character flaw in Bisma, but one also has to wonder if her character is purposely being shown as this foolish in order to give Hashir a solid reason to bow out of marrying her?  Second, while I can understand Mashal’s love on the psychological front, it’s a bit of a stretch to claim she’s as pure and innocent as depicted.  In fact, Mashal receives a phone as a gift from Armaan and suddenly falls in love with him.  Hashir gives her a suit, she becomes happy and now suddenly, she’s falling for him.  In this way, are Areesha and Bisma right in their insecurity of Mashal?  Mashal has stopped seeming as innocent as the show has been trying to present her – “Bhai” is a tag of respect given to an elder, but her “Bhai” tags seem to slip fairly quickly.  Now with her interest In Hashir, what is going to happen to Bisma?  One has to wonder what turn this story will take.