Jinn Review: Episode 1 - Netflix's Arabic Show is an Exceptional Binge-Watch

Jinn Review: Episode 1 - Netflix's Arabic Show is an Exceptional Binge-Watch

Jinn Review of Episode 1 is in and this is a Netflix show you can definitely binge watch
Jinn Review: Episode 1 - Netflix's Arabic Show is an Exceptional Binge-Watch
Jinn on Netflix
Movie NameJinn
DirectorMir-Jean Bou Chaaya, Amin Matalqa
ActorSultan Alkhail, Hana Chamoun, Yasser Al Hadi, Hamzeh Okab

Rating - 3/5 Stars

The first Arabic language Netflix series, Jinn, which is a classic twisting fantasy, horror and drama series consisting of five episodes in the first season has been released today finally. The much-awaited series is a hybrid of imagination, repulsiveness, science fiction and dramatization. Its highly probable that the show won't offer enough horror or science fiction for the viewers taste since fantasy and dream is at the bleeding edge of the show’s plot.

In any case, the Arabic-language Netflix series is a decent old story about growing up (with antiquated animals included) that should discover its group of spectators effectively.

Jinn carries Middle Eastern legends to the cutting-edge world. Set in modern Amman, the otherworldly dramatization pursues a gathering of young people as their fellowships and maturing sentiments are tried when they accidentally welcome the heavenly powers of two jinns into their reality.

Jinn did not seem to be a horror show to me though but it features some old creatures and has a damn stunning background with heaps of scenes shot in Petra, Jordan. It is the sort of series you ought to enjoy on the off chance that you like a fantasy drama show with a youthful cast. "I don't expect Jinn to be a game changer like the runaway hit Game of Thrones, but at least it's a stepping stone in the right direction," said Co-director of Jinn, Amin Matalqa at the premier while talking to Khaleej Times.

Jinn is practically similar to an Arabic Riverdale. While the narrative of Jinn doesn't occur in the west, the production quality matches with what you'd anticipate from a Netflix series. Created in Lebanon and Jordan yet the show will clearly achieve watchers everywhere throughout the world through this Netflix release.

Jinn may sound like a significant piece. Be that as it may, a great story is a decent story regardless of what language it’s made in. For those stressed over the language not being English, it does entirely highlight a lot of English words all through the exchange. Or one could always turn on the sub-titles as well!

So like, no need to be too stressed over the language issue. But then again, a dubbed series can never be termed good if compared to watching it in the original language. The sound and picture effects are right on target. Though I think that the CGI was not that important but it does fit the storyline. Episode 1 of Jinn has a runtime of around 45 minutes but the remaining four episodes all have a runtime under 30 minutes, making season 1 of Jinn an exceptional binge watch!

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