Jhooti Episode 9:  Ahmed Ali Butt Gives An Outstanding Performance As Nasir
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Jhooti Episode 9: Ahmed Ali Butt Gives An Outstanding Performance As Nasir

While this Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali Butt show has taken a large bulk of episodes to pick up, episode 9 takes off as Nasir uncovers Nirma’s web of deceit and vows to expose her

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“Jhooti” took off at a slow pace, even losing viewers as the episodes went on.  This came across as surprising due to the show’s brilliant cast, including Iqra Aziz, Ahmed Ali Butt, Paras Masroor and the supporting cast.  However, after the show’s last episode, the story has begun to pick up and the actors are now coming into form and being given a chance to perform.

In episode 9 of “Jhooti,” Nirma’s family and Nasir’s family meet to discuss the situation and Nasir makes it clear that Nirma has all the money and jewelry, while his father states that Nirma is welcome to come back to the house if she just shows them that she has the money and jewelry.  Meanwhile, Nasir decides that he has to make one final attempt and heads to Nirma’s house to ask her to come back.  However, he’s met with a very different Nirma, one who immediately starts screaming and blaming Nasir for hitting her.  Nirma’s older brother (Paras Masroor) is hot-headed and begins assaulting Nasir.  However, Majid (Qasim Khan) knows Nirma’s nature well and holds his brother back.  Nasir realizes Nirma is a pathological liar as she tells lie after lie right in front of him.  Angry, Nasir has enough when Nirma’s brother pushes Nasir’s father and immediately gives Nirma a divorce on the spot.  Zubia (Madiha Rizvi) is blamed by her husband for the bad match while Akbar (Tauqeer Nasir) has a heart attack and lands up in the hospital.

Ahmed Ali Butt has been the star of the show so far with his lovable performance as Nasir.  But with this episode, he shines and how!  Nasir is completely broken upon realizing that Nirma, the woman of his dreams, never loved him or even cared to make their marriage work.  The sweet woman he knew never existed and was only out to get his money.  Ahmed makes the viewer believe in Nasir’s pain, the rejection he has faced and the breaking point when he has had enough of Nirma and her family’s behavior.  I, for one, can’t wait to watch how Nasir’s role progresses from here onward. 

Iqra Aziz is doing a good job, but her character is very loud and irritating, so it makes it difficult to actually appreciate the performance. It will be interesting to see where the story progresses from here now that Nirma is divorced and free to live her life as she wants.  What will she do and will she have to face the consequences of her actions?

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