Jhooti Episode 4:  Nirma Intentionally Creates Problems In Her Married Life
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Jhooti Episode 4: Nirma Intentionally Creates Problems In Her Married Life

In Jhooti, Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali Butt play a married couple, but Iqra Aziz’s Nirma does not have an interest in remaining married and creates problems to get divorced

While “Jhooti” started off with a controversy surrounding its promo depicting Iqra Aziz’s Nirma falsely accusing her husband of domestic abuse, the antics made sense once the show began in context of who Nirma is at heart – a liar.  Her lies are not relegated to large things, but also little, simple matters.  With lying a part of the character’s nature, it’s not difficult to predict how the scenes of that promo will come to light.  Jhooti took off on an interesting note with two fast-paced, intriguing episodes.  However, with the third and now latest episode, the show has taken a bit of a nosedive.

In episode 4, Nirma (Iqra Aziz) is back at home, accusing Nasir (Ahmed Ali Butt) and his family of mistreating her as their newly wed wife/daughter-in-law.  The entire episode focuses on Nirma crying to different members of her family, telling a different version of events to each individual in order to play up to their sentiments.  On the other end, Nasir has fallen ill in his misery of life without Nirma and persuades his family to bring her back.  The apple of their eye, his family agrees.  Little else happens in the episode and it almost becomes unbearable to watch at a point.

Jhooti Episode 4:  Nirma Intentionally Creates Problems In Her Married Life

While Iqra Aziz is doing a commendable job as Nirma, she also has the tendency to screech a bit too much – something which she has done before as well, but it felt more in-place during Suno Chanda as a comedy show.  Here, it just takes away from the show.  That being said, she is doing a good job of playing this sneaky, conniving character.  As I’ve said before, the character is understandable to a (limited) extent in that she wants more than what her life is.  She wants an education and a lavish life different than what she has – and her marriage has ruined the probability of this happening for her.  Therefore, she is out to destroy the marriage, placing blame on Nasir so that she can be free to live her life the way she wants to without her family’s interference.  Ahmed Ali Butt is also doing a good job with his role as the gullible, lovable Nasir, as is the supporting cast.  The problem isn’t with the acting – it’s with the pace.  The show has slowed down to a dull pace and will need to pick up greatly in the coming episode to make up for the last two episodes.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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