Jhooti Episode 10: Nirma Meets Her Match In Ali
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Jhooti Episode 10: Nirma Meets Her Match In Ali

In ARY’s “Jhooti,” Iqra Aziz plays Nirma, a woman who lies and schemes her way through life; in the latest episode, she meets her match in Yasir Hussain’s Ali

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“Jhooti” continues to focus on Nirma and Nasir’s marriage, rather the unraveling of the marriage as Nirma moves forward with her plans.  In episode 10, much of the episode focuses on the aftermath of Nirma (Iqra Aziz) and Nasir’s (Ahmed Ali Butt) divorce.  Nirma’s parents openly blame Zubia (Madiha Rizvi) for Nirma’s fate and Zubia begins to feel the pressure.  This is only made worse when she overhears Nirma discussing her plot with her friend and confronts her, leading to a fight between the two. 

When Zubia confides in Saman (Mariyam Nafees), hoping for support – instead, she realizes that Nirma has already brainwashed Saman against her and is met with more anger.  Zubia speaks to her husband (Paras Masroor) and tells him that she needs her own home or a divorce and he slaps her.  Immediately apologizing for his reaction, he tells her that he would like for her to bear with it for some time until things settle down and asks her not to abandon him.  While Paras Masroor does a fabulous job in this entire scene and the exchange between him and Madiha Rizvi is great, honest and realistic, one simply wishes that slap were not written into the script.

When Nirma decides to invest her money, her friend gives her the number of a great “money man” named Ali (Yasir Hussain).  As Nirma and Ali meet, it’s clear that Ali is ten steps ahead of Nirma in crookedness and he is not what he seems.  Questioning her assets and finances, Ali seems out to rob Nirma on some level.  However, towards the end of the episode, Nirma and Ali are seen getting closer and it seems he will use a personal relationship to blind Nirma to his flaws – which would be ironic justice, considering this is exactly what Nirma did to Nasir.  

Overall, the episode serves as a stepping stool to what’s next in Nirma’s life.  It’s fairly clear to the audience that Nirma will be badly burned by Ali in a bad case of karma where she will fall for Ali just as Nasir fell for her and she will be blinded by Ali’s deceit, just as Nasir was blinded by her deceit.  The show has taken a lot of time (8 episodes to be exact) to build momentum, but the show is finally getting interesting.  Ahmed Ali Butt did not have much of a part in this episode and was missed, but Yasir Hussain’s role seems to be one of interest.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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