RIP Sridevi: Daughters Jhanvi and Khushi are Inconsolable

RIP Sridevi: Daughters Jhanvi and Khushi are Inconsolable

Our heart goes out to them!
RIP Sridevi: Daughters Jhanvi and Khushi are Inconsolable


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Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of Sridevi’s final journey home was when the late actress’ body reached Boney Kapoor’s Green Acres residence in Lokhandwala and was unloaded from the ambulance and taken up to the 101/102 flat. Her daughters Jahnvi and Khushi, who had stayed out of the media focus since Sridevi’s death was announced on Saturday night, suddenly burst on the scene inconsolably wailing “Amma! Amma!” like their world had come to an end.

Papa Boney was not around to comfort them. But cousin Sonam Kapoor, a quiet picture of grace and strength, rushed forward to do the job. Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor were seen entering the flat with the mortal remains. But Arjun Kapoor, who accompanied his father and the casket on the flight back from Dubai, was not in the picture.

A paramedic team was at hand to prepare the body for today's public darshan and then the last rites. Sridevi will apparently be dressed up like the Queen of the silver screen she once was. Manish Malhotra, her close friend and favourite designer, stood by in respectful silence, a lost, pained look on his handsome face. A havan is also expected to be performed at the residence along with other rituals according to South Indian customs. Sridevi had finally come home… but just for a night.

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