Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband Cooke Maroney and All You Need to Know About Him

Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband Cooke Maroney and All You Need to Know About Him

Jennifer Lawrence married Cooke Maroney amidst family and friends at Rhodes Island. Here is all you need to know about Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence got married to her New York-based boyfriend Cooke Maroney in an intimate wedding at Rhode Island. The couple had earlier gotten engaged in February. The 29-year-old Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and her art gallerist 34 years old boyfriend Cooke Maroney said ‘I do’ in the presence of their family and friends who were 150 in number. The guest list included some A-list celebrities like Emma Stone, Kris Jenner, Sienna Miller, Adele, Ashley Olsen, Amy Schumer, and Cameron Diaz among many others. They had obtained their marriage license a month earlier in New York.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney were first seen together in June 2018. While the actress is a household name all over the world, very little was known about Cooke Maroney except that he is an art gallerist in New York.

Jennifer Lawrence always  knew Cooke Maroney was the one

According to Jennifer Lawrence, she had no thoughts of getting married until she met Cook Maroney. She said that he soon turned out to be her best friends and there was no way that she would have wanted to leave him. According to Jennifer Lawrence, the decision to get married was an easy one.The couple had been introduced by Jennifer Lawrence’s friend Laura Simpson and hit off instantly.  

Coming back to Cook Maroney, here are some lesser known facts about Jennifer Lawrence’s love.

The man grew up in Vermont

Cook Maroney grew up in Vermont where his parents owned  Oliver Hill Farm. The family initially lived in the city but wanted to experience a more relaxed and natural way of living hence they moved to a farm. His father was an art dealer in Manhattan hence the love for art runs in the family.

Cooke Maroney is the director at Gladstone Art Gallery

Cook Maroney works as a director of New York City’s Gladstone Art Gallery which has a high-profile clientele. He has previously worked with the painter Carrol Dunham and the sculptor Matthew Barney. He worked in the Gagosian Art gallery before joining Gladstone Art Gallery. Cooke Maroney holds  a degree in art history from New York University.

He loves to party and have fun

Cook Maroney is a fun-loving young man who likes to party every now and then with people from the art circle. According to one of his friends, going out with Maroney definitely means a good time together. However, he likes keeping things real and is not fond of social media. Cooke Maroney has a private Instagram account with merely 2000 followers. He does not use Facebook and Twitter.

Cooke Maroney knows how to keep Jennifer Lawrence happy

According To Jennifer Lawrence's friends, Cooke Maroney knows how to keep his lady love happy. He is real and away from the glitz and glamour. He treats her like a normal girl and not a celebrity. It is something she never experienced in her previous relationships. Cooke Maroney is smart and funny keeping Jennifer Lawrence on her toes all time. According to their close friends, Cook Maroney really knows how to keep Jennifer Lawrence happy as she smiles the most in his presence.

He is perfectly cool about her previous relationships

Cooke Maroney is a secure person who is completely confident about himself. He has no issue with Jennifer Lawrence’s previous boyfriends as the two attended the premiere of her ex Nicholas Hoult’s new film ‘ The Favourite.’

Jennifer Lawrence’s love life is as diverse as her acting career

Jennifer Lawrence has had a diverse and interesting love life. Her relationship with Nicholas Hault lasted for five years unlike the ones with Chris Martin and Darren Aronofsky. Jennifer Lawrence dated Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for four months until they had their first breakup. They got back together after a brief sabbatical but split in a few months from then for the final time. She dated Darren Aronofsky who was a director. Despite 22 years of an age difference, the two tried to keep the initial part of their relationship private. They ended up in 2017 after dating for one year. 

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