Jennifer Aniston’s Ex To Release Book on Their Failed Marriage?

Jennifer Aniston’s Ex To Release Book on Their Failed Marriage?

Justin Theroux was rumoured to release a book on his failed marriage with Jennifer Aniston and her relationship with Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston has been making headlines lately, especially since the actress was seen together with former beau Brad Pitt on multiple occasions. Jennifer was married to Justin Theroux earlier, but the two got divorced in 2018. However, according to New Idea – a popular tabloid, Justin is not too happy with Jennifer and her closeness to Brad. And not just that, he’s looking for some kind of revenge and planning to drop some details about his failed marriage to the Friends actress.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at SAG 2020

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at SAG 2020

A source close to the former couple told New Idea, “The fact she’s back with Brad has cut him pretty deep and really bruised his ego. Justin spent much of their marriage feeling like he was this substitute version of her ex, but she’d assure him time and time again that wasn’t the case. Now it turns out he was right, and that hurts him.” It added that Brad and Jennifer are also worried about the revelations that Justin is planning to make and Brad is even trying to convince him to take it easy. On the other hand, Justin feels betrayed and wants to tell it all in his upcoming book. He feels he has nothing to lose in the process.

However, the reports were quickly shunned as another magazine, Gossip Cop clarified that there is no book by Justin in the works. A source close to Justin revealed that he and Jennifer are actually pretty good friends still. He even wished her recently on her birthday and attended her Thanksgiving and Christmas parties too – in which, Brad, was in attendance as well. This is also not the first time Gossip Cop shut down rumours. Earlier, it also shunned down Brad and Jennifer’s apparent plan to adopt a baby from a Mexican orphanage after getting married by Angelina Jolie. Now isn’t that bizarre?

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