Jeeto Pakistan Shot in Dubai

The popular game show wowed fan in the city!
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Jeeto Pakistan Shot in Dubai
An over enthusiastic crowd, overflowing gifts and Fahad Murtaza’s unwavering energy and sense of connection with the masses is the secret of show's success. The tag line of the show is “Sab Lay Jao” and has Voice Mobile as the lead sponsor. 
Jeeto Pakistan is an ARY Digital presented television live game show launched on 18 May 2014. The game show based in Karachi and hosted by Fahad Mustafa managed to thrill the fans in Dubai this time.
Jeeto Pakistan is in Dubai to shoot 3 back to back episodes. Masala! Magazine covered the event. The swarming venue with the cheering crowd from all over the city, covering all age groups proved yet another time that Fahad is equally famous in UAE as he is in Pakistan.
Previously the registration process was a tough one. But now due to popular demand by the viewers the process has been made simple. Now the audience can register from the comfort of their home using the online form given on ARY’s official website. People aspiring to participate in the show are advised to visit a link, where they can enter their personal details. The form asks some general questions like number of guests, their name, address, CNIC number and location etc.