Jeetendra beats Salman in dancing
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Jeetendra beats Salman in dancing

He still has energy and zest for dance

Jeetendra is not known for his dancing for nothing. Even at his age, he can still put younger actors to shame with his energy and zest for dance.

In this week's episode of "10 Ka Dum" it was there for all to see how the senior star outshone both the younger men when it came to shaking a leg.

"I am just a year older than you," joked Salman. Out of breath after the vigorous dance, Jeetendra stopped to take a sip of water and quipped in the same vein, "Yes, such things happen when you touch your forties!"

Jeetendra and son Tusshar Kapoor will be on "10 Ka Dum" this Saturday, August 30, Sony TV.

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