Jaya Bachchan Shouts in Public
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Jaya Bachchan Shouts in Public

Jaya Bachchan shocked everyone recently when she yelled at a scribe

At a party hosted by filmmaker Subhash Ghai last week, Aishwarya Rai- Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan were on the guest list. When they arrived some photographers rushed to click pictures. A lens man called Ash by her name – Aishwarya. At which Jaya fumed in anger and lashed out at the photographers, "Kya Aishwarya, Aishwarya bula rahe ho? Tumhare class mein padhti thi kya?" (Why are you calling her Aishwarya, Aishwarya? Was she your classmate?)
The photographers in question were rather taken aback by Jaya's approach. All this, while madame Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan kept a straight face and did not react.
A photographer present at the venue says, "What else does one call her? Sometime ago, Abhishek Bachchan too screamed at us for referring to his wife as Ash, telling us that her name is Aishwarya and not Ash. Do they expect us to call her Madam Bachchan?"
Earlier it was Katrina who lost her temper on a staff member who addressed her as Kat. And Salman doesn't want to be called Bhai by everybody – it's only his siblings and close friends who call him that name. Umm, seems like everyone is getting a wee bit sensitive!

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