Jaw Dropping! The 10 MOST Luxurious Homes In Los Angeles

These mansions are home to some of the richest people in the world. Take a tour with this photo-gallery and sigh…
Jaw Dropping! The 10 MOST Luxurious Homes In Los Angeles

Welcome to LA! This glitzy city in the US of A is host to some of the biggest celebrities in the world. It’s common knowledge that some of the most popular names in showbiz live here in beautiful multi-million dollar homes. But where do the people signing their checks live? The media moguls, the fashion icons and yes even royalty. It’s time to see what heaven is like in the city of angels. If you are travelling to LA in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for these stunners!


This newly remodelled 10 bedrooms European style mansion is on the market for a cool $ 42.5 million. It used to belong to a Hollywood super-agent and boasts some of the finest craftsmanship and décor, handpicked from France and Morocco. The Olympic sized swimming pool pictured above is just the first of this home’s many mega amenities. It comes with an elegant private movie theatre, a massive grape cellar with its own cigar room, a professional tennis court and yes even its own indoor golf simulation room.

9. 11490 ORUM RD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90049

Every mansion has priceless art inside. But what if your mansion was priceless art? Well, not technically priceless, as this is valued at $56 million but you get my point. This modern architecture is by award-winning minimalist designer Zoltan Pali. Settled on 1.6 acres of land, this structure is meant to make a statement while simultaneously blending in with its surroundings. It has a world class home theatre and a mindboggling view of Bel Air from its massive infinity pool. Meant for someone with a bold sense of style and vision!


Some of these homes are so amazing they will be remembered in a museum one day. Especially this one. Over 30,000 square feet and modelled after the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, this $78 million SEVEN-bedroom home attempts to redefine what we consider luxury. It has two staff along with a three storey guest house. And you know what the craziest part is? This is number 8.


Although this Malibu dream home is priced at $62.5 million, what it makes it more luxurious is its sensational design and heavenly location. It’s essentially a private rain forest and arboretum with bold Asian designs and art structures that could be studied at universities. In addition to having magnificent bars, entertainment centres, pools and breathtaking views, this 7,000 square foot private getaway is designed to let natural light flow through the entire home and positively impact your energy. A botanical masterpiece with a view.


“Do you expect me to talk?” “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!” That’s not just a great line from the movie Goldfinger (1964), it’s also probably something the owner of this home has said in their lives. If you want to let the world know you’ve got power, look no further than this $88 million estate nestled in the hills of Bel Air. This nearly 25,000 square foot (YES!) home boasts of out-of-this-world luxury with its insane garage, world-class pool with an outdoor theatre attached to it and a view of the Los Angeles that can be described in only one word - breathtaking.


This $100 million Bel Air pad is only number 5 in our list. And it’s out of this world! Similar to the previous home in that it has unrivalled amenities but this one is a Mediterranean paradise. The 40,000 square foot giant also has a massive rotating garage fit for a fleet of the world’s most exotic cars to choose from every morning. It’s right by the full-sized basketball court, you can’t miss it. The pool combined with the greenery around it, truly makes this home something you’d hear about in an old myth.


For $135 million, the VERY private Wallingford Estate and the prestige that comes with living at one of Beverly Hills’ most coveted properties can be all yours. Along with things like a state-of-the-art athletic facility that has a boxing ring, full gym and a basketball court. With 17 beds, 30 baths and about 43000 square feet, you would be able to have one of the world’s greatest games of hide and seek! Or you know, host banquets for the world’s most elite and stuff like that. Just another day in LA, we guess!

3. 924 BEL AIR RD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90077

I hate moving, don’t you? Bruce Makowsky understood this very well when he designed this billionaire playground. His maxim was that everything in this 38,000 square foot home comes with it, so all you have to do it walk in with your clothes. ‘Everything’ in this case, includes features like the 42 luxury cars, fully stocked candy parlour, $150,000 worth of bubbly at all times, and yes a helicopter with its own landing pad. Sounds like a lot to maintain? Don’t worry, there’s a full-time staff of seven people ready to do things like run the massage parlours or over 17,000 square feet of entertainment space. The view by the pool is awesome but so is the 18-foot movie screen that comes up. The 40-seat indoor theatre is world-class and has a deal with major studios to get every movie in theatres streaming to your home instantly. And if you’re looking to buy this home you might be in luck because the price has dropped from $250 to $150 million. So affordable, isn’t it?!


You might have to make the owner of this place an offer they can’t refuse for this place. Listed at $165 million, this Italian complex sits on over nine acres of land in Beverly Park, a famous neighbourhood for the uber-wealthy. With its sensational architecture and Renaissance-inspired decor throughout the property, this dream home boasts over 20,000 square feet of high ceilings, intimate rooms and a level of sophistication that you might only find in the Vatican itself.

1. 875 NIMES RD, BEL-AIR, CA 90077

Here we go. The big fish. Welcome to the “Chartwell”. Currently on the market for $245 million. So what do you get for spending that kind of cash? This 11 bedroom and 18 bathroom home are obviously big and on a lot of lands. However, this French Chateau hid in Los Angeles also has things like a wine cellar made for 12,000 bottles, a 40 car garage, and a 75-foot pool. This is the kind of purchase you make when you want to make a statement for generations. Or if you just want to let the world know you can.