Javed Akhtar Responds to Pakistani PM, Asks Imran Khan Tough Questions
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Javed Akhtar Responds to Pakistani PM, Asks Imran Khan Tough Questions

Javed Akhtar tweeted in response to Imran Khan’s speech where Imran Khan asked the Indian government to show evidence for Pulwama Attacks

Javed Akhtar has been very vocal about his stance about the Pulwama Attacks since the day the tragic incident occurred. He and wife, Shabana Azmi, cancelled their trip to Karachi Arts Council in the wake of the Pulwama Attacks.

Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan, gave a speech where he asked the Indian government to produce evidence for the Pulwama Attacks.

Javed Akhtar responded hence: “Imran has thrown a no ball. Every time they ask what makes you think it’s our doing. After the Mumbai terrorist attack, a pak TV anchor asked me why you are so sure it is Pakistan it can be any country I said fine I will give you 3 you choose one. Brazil, Sweden and Pakistan.”

The responsibility of the attacks was taken by a militant group in Kashmir called Jaish e Muhammad which is believed to be backed by Pakistan. Along with Javed Akhtar, many Bollywood celebrities have taken a step to cancel bilateral relations in Pakistan to show solidarity. Ajay Devgn and his team of Total Dhamaal said that they would not be releasing their film in Pakistan. The team also donated 50 lac INR to the victims of the grieving families. Earlier Javed Akhtar had also spoken about his connection to the CRPF in his tweet:

I have a special relation with CRPF. I have written Their anthem Before putting the pen to paper I met a number of CRPF officers n whatever I learned my respect admiration and love for these braves increased by many a fold Today I share the grief of the dear ones of the martyrs

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