Janhvi Kapoor Starts Shooting For Her Next Film, 'Gunjan'
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Janhvi Kapoor Starts Shooting For Her Next Film, 'Gunjan'

She plays India's first female aviator who took part in the Kargil war

Janhvi Kapoor has started shooting for the film Gunjan (working title) where she plays the role of India's first female aviator Gunjan Saxena.
Gunjan had successfully saved the lives of 87 soldiers by flying sorties to evacuate soldiers during the Kargil war of 1999. She is the first female combat aviator in the Indian armed forces and awarded by the forces for risking his life during the operations where she also successfully dodged a missile fired at her helicopter.

It is known that Jahnavi has successfully completed her simulation tests where she was supposed to learn the basics of helicopter flying. Jahnavi now has started shooting for the film and no doubt she's looking shockingly similar to Gunjan Saxena, given the details of her uniform.

Gunjan is apparently guiding her personally to reprise the role on the big screen.

Here, take a look at the picture which was posted on social media and went viral almost immediately.

Not only on Instagram, but the picture also went viral on Twitter as well where it was posted by her fam groups. Here is one such tweet - 

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