James Franco Sued By Two Students On Account Of Sexual Exploitation

James Franco Sued By Two Students On Account Of Sexual Exploitation

James Franco allegedly sexually exploited female students at his acting school and coerced them into performing intimate scenes in return for film opportunities

ames Franco is a huge name in Hollywood. He started his acting career back in the 90s with first appearing on TV series and later made his silver screen debut in 2000 with Whatever It Takes. He later starred in many hit films such as Spider-Man 2, Eat Pray Love, 127 Hours, Palo Alto and The Interview amongst many others. But despite having a long career in Hollywood, the actor couldn't save himself for being named under the #MeToo movement which has disclosed names of some of the most powerful men, exploiting women. Two students from James' acting school have filed a lawsuit against the actor, stating that he sexually exploited them.

According to The New York Times, Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal filed the lawsuit against the actor. The women claimed that James' school offered acting classes for $300 a month, and additional master classes for sex scenes at $750. The students would have to audition for the class on tape so that James could review their performance. The students would also have to sign their rights off  the recording. The suit also alleged that during class, "young and inexperienced females were routinely pressured to engage in initimate acts that went far beyond the standards in the industry”. Toni was not allowed to join the special classes after she expressed his discomfort, whereas Sarah claimed that her involvement landed her a role in James' film which is yet to be released.

On the other hand, James has denied all allegations terming them as "not accurate". However, the lawsuit filing against him is seeking damages and the return of any recordings. The women added that they are hoping to make it a class-action suit so that if there are any more women who went through the same ordeal, can come forward. This is not the first time James has been accused of inappropriate behaviour. Last year, five women accused the actor of sexual misconduct. Despite the allegati

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