Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

Jade rollers are having a major moment in the beauty world and they have every reason to! We rounded up benefits of using one and you’ll want to add one to your vanity kit stat!

There’s no doubt that a professional facial can go a long way. It can have the most calming and refreshing effects on your skin and instantly melts away all your tension. But of course, in our busy day to day routine and hectic lifestyles, a facial on the regular is not always possible or feasible. You of course want your face looking fresh and glowing on a regular basis, but this isn’t always possible. But there is an ancient tool that enables you to massage your own face on the daily so you can not only boost your skincare routine but also reap the same stress-relieving benefits.

Brace yourselves, it is none other than the coveted jade roller. Incorporating a jade roller into your skin routine can have lots of benefits, and will give your skin the TLC that it needs. And, without further ado, we round some of the benefits of using a jade roller.

1.      Smoothes Out The Skin

Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

Your face contains 42 different muscles and we often repeat our expressions and facial moment several times a day. Squinting, frowning, smiling or raising your eyebrows is something we all do on the regular. This can cause deep lines and wrinkles on the surface of our skin. The use of a jade roller to roll out the skin and these lines helps to relax facial muscles and helps relieve strain and lines. The gentle massage that you can give yourself with a jade roller will help to smooth out the surface layer of the skin and give you a more youthful complexion.

2.      They help your skin absorb all the products better

Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

You could be using the best skincare products, but if they are not being absorbed by your skin properly, then they won’t be very useful. A jade roller’s function is to work in harmony with your creams, serums and oils by making the application process more efficient. Although you can use the roller on bare skin prior to applying your skincare products, you can also use it immediately after applying them to help work them into the skin. This will give your skin some extra hydration.

3.      It will make your skin glow

Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

One of the main benefits of the jade roller is that it will increase blood circulation. When the circulation in your skin is improved, your skin will get an increased amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing to its surface. This increased blood flow to the skin can last over ten minutes after just a five-minute massage, giving you a rosy, brilliant luminosity. The roller can also be used on the sides of your neck to help massage and promote better circulation in the lymph areas where toxins can build up.

4.      It is free of chemicals and additives

Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

Our favourite benefit of the jade roller is that you don’t need to worry about what is in it. Jade rollers are made of natural jade stone and come in unique shades, colours and styles. They are free of it’s free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens, and mineral oil and are safe to use on any skin type.

5.      It Soothes The Skin

Jade Rollers: 5 Benefits of Using Them

Massaging your face and neck with an ultra-smooth jade stone roller feels cool and pleasant to the touch as it glides across your skin. Unlike bare fingers, this roller won’t pull and tug at your skin, which helps to preserve the skin’s elasticity, keeping wrinkles at bay and soothing the skin rather than irritating it. The jade roller is made in a way that it will target the larger areas of your face, like the forehead, cheeks, and jawline, and the smaller end is specifically designed for the delicate area around the eyes where the skin is thinner, more fragile and more prone to the visible signs of aging, like crow’s feet and fine lines.

So now that you have five benefits of using a jade roller, it’s time to head out and invest in one pronto!

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