Jacqueline Fernandez Announces Her New Vlog with a Sizzling Picture in a Boat
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Jacqueline Fernandez Announces Her New Vlog with a Sizzling Picture in a Boat

Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her fitness videos and the passion for life other than her strong dancing skills. Coming from Sri Lanka, she did her first Bollywood film in 2009

Jacqueline Fernandes started her own Youtube channel just a month ago. She recently posted a picture of her sitting on a boat in a black short skirt. She wore a puff-sleeved blouse and held her straw hat in the hand. Jacqueline’s face was clean and her hair were tied loosely in a bun. While rets of the makeup was minimal, she did accentuate her beautiful eyes with black eyeliner. Jacqueline Fernandez announced her upcoming vlog with this picture.

When Jacqueline launched her youtube channel, she posted a video of herself from her childhood in the 90s when she was still a kid but was comfortable being around the camera. According to Jacqueline Fernadez, her father loved laughing and making other people laugh. Hence she and her sister lived a very full childhood. Her mother loved recording all special moments on the camera. Jacqueline Fernandez explained the influence of her mother in her life who always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Jacqueline also shared videos from her Miss Sri Lanka days when she decided to move to India for acting in films. In this endearing video, Jacqueline also mentioned her auditions and some videos from those times. Her Bollywood journey as a complete outsider was not an easy one but the Sri Lankan beauty finally made it.

Two weeks ago Jacqueline Fernandez had also posted a vlog that showed the scenes behind the making of her first Telugu song Bad Girl Bad Boy.

Jacqueline Fernandez was born to a multiracial family in Sri Lanka. Her family was of Canadian, Malaysian, and Sri Lankan descent. However, she was raised in Bahrain. Jacqueline Fernandez obtained a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Sydney. She also worked in the Sri Lankan television as a reporter. She won the Miss Universe SriLanka pageant in 2006 and got her first Bollywood film in 2009. Jacqueline Fernadez is known for her love for fitness and always radiating happiness.

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