Jacqueline Fernandez and Her Action Skills are Jaw Dropping!
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Jacqueline Fernandez and Her Action Skills are Jaw Dropping!

Jacqueline Fernandez recently shared a picture where she’s doing a fight sequence and we’re mighty impressed

Recently we came across a post on Jacqueline Fernandes’ Instagram where she was practicing a fight scene with famous Hollywood stunt director Danielo Cicero and Aramis Merlin. Gone are the days when women had limited sphere in Bollywood. They were taken either as a side chick with a few dancer numbers or probably as relatives of the hero. The stories were all about men. Women were a part of that story but the story was never theirs. The old Bollywood heroine was not just a hero’s love interest but mostly a damsel in distress. She would swing back and forth of the hero for the slightest validation of her hero. Although the history of Indian civilization is entirely different. Even the Indus valley civilization worshiped goddesses. Bollywood, for some reason, continued portraying women meek and docile.

The hero was an alpha male well trained for fight scenes and all the related aggression; be it passive or active. A woman’s movement was limited to dancing at the most.

Things have changed today. Bollywood today is a different picture altogether. Not only has the Hindi film industry started producing women-centric films but their roles in men-centric films have also changed. Maybe it is also due to the fact that society has evolved in general. The audience is not able to relate to a heroine who is wiping her tears for one reason or the other. Women today are confident, independent and a person of their own. Their role in real life has also changed so why not films!

Also, we see a refreshing change that now many films also show women performing the stunts. Fighting is no more only a man’s forte. Many actresses like Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandes, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha have not only performed some serious action scenes but they also did this at their own. Yes, these women performed their stunts themselves. Also, these women are famous for their fitness regimes.

With hair tried back in a ponytail and dressed in a dark fitted outfit, Jacqueline seemed to be in complete control of her moves defying all old Bollywood notions about the women. Both the men were defeated in this mock fight by our strong queen Jacqueline Fernandes. It seemed like a rehearsal for some fight scene.

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Fight club @danielocicero @aramismerlin

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Jacqueline, we can not wait to see your action skills on the screen soonest possible. Keep rocking!

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By Saadia Ahmed
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