Jackky's eight pack physique in six weeks
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Jackky's eight pack physique in six weeks

Trainer Joe Tong lends his secret gymming techniques to Jackky Bhagnani

Following the successful body transformation of Hrithik Roshan a few months back for 'Agneepath', Sheru Classic Production has once again accomplished the task of reshaping actor Jackky Bhagnani's body through its Designer Bodies Programme. The company has proved to excel in body makeovers and Jackky is another addition to the list of successful Bollywood actors in undertaking this programme.

Joe Tong has been the man behind Jackky's recent eight pack physique in just six weeks. Sheru Aangrish, Co-Founder and CEO of Sheru Classic Production says, "Jackky had to get into shape for an upcoming movie and in the initial few meetings that I had with him, we established the exact workout and diet routine to suit his requirements. Since he needed a particular look in a very limited time frame, it was imperative for us to assign a trainer who would be able to meet the target bang on. Thus, we appointed Joe Tong for this particular Designer Bodies Programme as Joe has an extensive experience of working under pressure situations and has achieved excellent results in the past for several international clients."

It hasn't been an easy ride for getting the perfect look for Jackky. His training routine included a rigorous one hour exhaustive session twice a day supported by small portions of meals every few hours. During the fitness trainings, Jackky had to totally refrain from having salt and sweet dishes. The most difficult part of the training was the complete avoidance of partying with friends and adapting a controlled lifestyle with a compulsory seven hours sleep.

Despite the odds, Jacky was determined to get the apt look for his upcoming film and was successful in achieving the right physique.

Sheru Aangrish adds, "I told him in our very first meeting that a perfect body cannot be attained without disciplining one's mind. It is only through sheer hard work, willpower and absolute dedication that you can achieve the desired results. Thankfully, Jackky was willing to trust us on each and every point and followed our instructions thoroughly. His hard work has paid off and the results are there for everyone to see."

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