Jackie Shroff to sell his share in Sony TV
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Jackie Shroff to sell his share in Sony TV

He's not telling what he'll do with the money

Jackie and Ayesha Shroff have decided to end their 15-year-long association with Sony TV. The couple have jointly owned 10% shares in the company since its launch.

Though they are selling their stake, the couple has refused to disclose the value of their shares, which, despite the lukewarm market conditions, is likely to be much more than their initial investment as Sony TV has grown a lot as a company from the time of its inception.

Commenting on their decision, Jackie Shroff has said that his association with Sony for the last 15 years was wonderful but at some point of time one has to move on in life. He also said that the total amount that they receive will be split between him and his wife.

While he did not disclose what he will do with his part of the money, it's likely Ayesha will pump hers into her company Karma Productions, which is in the process of making a big budget film called "Rani".

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