Jackie Shroff is DONE With Intense Roles
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Jackie Shroff is DONE With Intense Roles

Jackie Shroff, who rose from humble beginnings, says he has had enough of intense and serious roles

Jackie Shroff has played versatile roles in his long career but somehow he doesn’t want to do intense roles The reason: these characters take a toll on him and exhaust him! Jackie, who plays a complex character – Mustafabhai, a prisoner, in Hotstar’s Criminal Justice told IANS in an interview: “Intense roles take a toll on me emotionally. It is exhilarating at times for any performer because what you see on screen is a series of emotions in our performance in a sequence. But in a film we do not shoot them like that.”

"The difference between a stage performer and us is that on stage, you are in one flow with the character. But when we shoot a film, we are not shooting all the scenes in the sequence we watch it in. So, much back and forth happens and we have to mould ourselves to those emotional graphs. I therefore, try to control my breathing, try to take control of my body so that I can emote, project and perform."

What is perhaps most endearing about Jackie Shroff is that he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Jackie further adds that he knows the reality from where hails - a Mumbai chawl where life was very hard. "I think I know both extremes of life. I know how it feels to live in a chawl where rats bite your fingers! (I remember) my mother was trying to protect me when I was a baby; there would be  10 people using one toilet and stand in a queue. Cut to present time where I have three toilets for one person.

“As an actor, knowing every aspect of reality only makes me relatable to the audience when I perform," he added.

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