Jaal, Episode 27:  Esha & Zaid’s Relationship Blossoms
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Jaal, Episode 27: Esha & Zaid’s Relationship Blossoms

In Imran Ashraf-starrer “Jaal,” Esha and Zaid finally move past their hang-ups and open their hearts

Jaal” has taken a more light-hearted turn with Zaid and Esha’s honeymoon track.  Viewers are finally able to enjoy the couple’s bonding moments, taking the audience through their moments of awkwardness slowly turning into love.  On the other end, Zunia and Arsal continue to bicker, creating resentment and negating any feelings of love that were once there.

In the latest episode of “Jaal,” there are basically two tracks that the episode switches back and forth between.  In the first, Zunia (Sukaina Khan) continues at her new job with a creepy boss, a boss that informs her that she will have to attend a work dinner with him in the evening.  She gets dressed for the dinner (in clothing absolutely inappropriate for a professional dinner), but Arsal stops her from leaving the house in her attire.  This turns into a fight and Arsal tells her she cannot leave the house.  Upset, Zunia does not answer the calls from the office, which gets her in trouble at work the next day.  Her boss tells her that she will have to sign a bond regarding this work dinner clause.

The second is heart-warming, focusing on Esha (Sumbul Iqbal) and Zaid (Imran Ashraf) on their honeymoon.  While the last episode showed a world of awkward behavior and really showed the differences in mentality and emotional insecurity between the two, this episode managed to really pull viewers into celebrating this couple.  Esha and Zaid begin to accept each other as husband and wife, giving each other the respect and love deserved in a marriage.  While Esha opens her heart and lets her guard down, Zaid finds it difficult to accept this transition, still believing himself not worthy of her.  However, he is overjoyed at this change and promises to change himself in any way she wants him to, beginning with his dressing sense.  He gets a wardrobe makeover and not only is Esha impressed, but the family is happy with his change as well.  Arsal and Zunia become bitter seeing Esha and Zaid, Arsal still fixated on Esha while Zunia fumes over not going on a honeymoon.

One scene is there with Asad (Naveed Raza) and Sherina (Anam Tanveer), which strikes the viewer as not only out-of-place, but also irritatingly illogical – a path which the show has been taking for the last few episodes.  Asad discusses the sale of the house and tells Sherina that he will go and give his sisters their share in their parents’ property.  Sherina protests, implying that they should just keep the money.  Asad gives her a much-needed shut-up-call, after which she states that Esha is deserving, but they should withhold the money from Zunia.  Asad informs her that his parents wanted all their children to get their inheritance and he will follow that.  Sherina begins to badger him about always favoring his sisters.  While Sherina has never been a fan of Zunia, and logically so only because of her bad behavior, Sherina has never had ill intentions for Esha.  However, suddenly she feels as though her husband favors his sisters?  The sisters and the mother that he abandoned due to Sherina’s wishes?  This track is fairly baseless and seems out of place. 

At present, Zaid and Esha’s marriage seems to be heading in a very positive direction, seen even more in the previews for the next episode.  Now, It seems, the focus will be shifting to Zunia and Arsal with Zunia’s job situation about to cause problems.  With Zunia locked in a contract with a shady boss, something bad is bound to happen and, honestly speaking, it’s entirely foolish.  The way Zunia agrees to sign the bond makes one wonder – what is her desperation to keep this job?  They are not wanting for money in that way.  However, it is interesting to see how Arsal and Zunia, after all they have done to be together, all the hearts they broke, are so unhappy in their marriage.