Jaal, Episode 25:  Esha and Zaid Go On Their Honeymoon
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Jaal, Episode 25: Esha and Zaid Go On Their Honeymoon

In Imran Ashraf starrer “Jaal” on Hum TV, Esha and Zaid enjoy their time together on their honeymoon in Murree

Hum TV’s popular show “Jaal” has become a hit with fans, specifically due to Imran Ashraf and Sumbal Iqbal’s characters and chemistry together.  The show focuses on two brothers married to two sisters, but with a lot of emotional complications thrown in, most importantly that Zonia (Sukaina Khan) stole Esha’s (Sumbal Iqbal) husband Arsal (Ali Kazmi) away, leaving Esha jilted at the altar essentially.  Now that Esha is married to Arsal’s brother, (Imran Ashraf).  Arsal has begun to regret his life choices, seeing how Zaid (Imran Ashraf)now has full control over the store and is gradually building a strong relationship with the family.

Episode 25 takes viewers on a fun trip with Zaid and Esha, the two both fully enjoying their trip together.  Spending their honeymoon in Murree for a week, the two share endearing, sweet moments together as Zaid attempts to keep his distance out of respect for Esha – something Esha begins to shut down, now willing to have a relationship with her husband.  This part of the show is becoming a bit unrealistic, as the two share a bedroom, have had many intimate conversations and have been warming up to one another over a number of past episodes.  Regarding Esha and Zaid’s emotional progress, the story seems to have stagnated a bit.  Despite this, the story and characters are still cute enough that viewers are forced to root for them.

Zonia argues with Arsal over his pull in the household, asking him to request his father to send them on a trip as well, something Arsal refuses to do.  In an unusual moment of clarity, Zonia has a kind, balanced conversation with Arsal over their marriage and the problems in it.  Acknowledging that they had a love marriage that now seems to have lost the love, Zonia seems to be capable of kindness somehow, conducting a very mature, heart-felt, soul-baring discussion with Arsal.  Later, out of boredom, Arsal and Zonia discuss the option of Zonia working, something Arsal initially laughs at, but ultimately gives her permission.  This becomes a problem in their household when Arsal’s parents realize Zonia wants to hold a job but did not bother consulting them before making a decision.

While “Jaal” continues to be a fun, interesting show with a fascinating storyline, “Jaal” is beginning to slow down and lose its “fast-paced action.”  Watching Imran Ashraf and Sumbal Iqbal together is refreshing and its wonderful to see the two together, but their scenes have gradually become moments of awkward silence where one or the other has completely attacked the plate.  At present, the characters of Zaid and Esha are two of the most pure-of-heart souls and it’s entertaining watching their scenes together.  That being said, it’s imperative that the show move forward now by leaps and bounds, as it has fallen behind.  How episode 16 turns out, let’s wait and watch!