Jaal, Episode 22: Zaid and Esha’s Relationship Grows

Jaal, Episode 22: Zaid and Esha’s Relationship Grows

In Imran Ashraf’s “Jaal,” the focus has turned to Esha’s building relationship with Zaid, now bound in marriage
Jaal, Episode 22:  Zaid and Esha’s Relationship Grows
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Jaal” is a show that focuses on the lives of two brothers and two sisters.  While Zonia and Arsal make a feisty, argumentative duo, Esha and Zaid are soft, well-natured and kind.  With Esha and Zaid’s marriage, the story has taken on an interesting, entertaining turn with the romance-building aspect of their story arc.  Mix into this the hostility between the sisters and Zonia’s never-ending jealousy towards Esha and “Jaal” is a recipe for success. 

Episode 22 of “Jaal” largely focuses on Zaid and Esha’s relationship and their attitudes towards the marriage they have now found themselves in.  In the opening scene, Arshad (Shabbir Jaan) has a conversation with Esha (Sumbal Iqbal) about her relations with Zaid (Imran Ashraf) and guides the two on building their relationship with love and respect.   Zaid and Esha have an endearing conversation about their respect for one another and Esha asks Zaid for some time to emotionally be ready to accept her place in his life as his wife – this gives Zaid hope that he will eventually be able to win over his wife. 

Zonia (Sukaina Khan) and Arsal (Ali Kazmi) have packed up the house to be sold and the siblings all arrive to take any possessions they desire.  Esha is shocked when she sees that all of her mother’s possessions have been emptied out of her room, as she wanted to take some items to remember her mother by.  Zonia reacts badly, claiming that Esha is accusing her of stealing and mistrusting her intentions.  At this time, Asad and Shereena arrive as well and the siblings bicker over Zonia’s behavior.  Zaid and Esha leave, disheartened, but Asad and Shereena continue to argue with Zonia, Shereena openly declaring that Zonia has taken over Esha’s possessions, including her husband. 
Ultimately, Zonia and Arsal move back into Zaid and Arsal’s family home, creating an uncomfortable environment, as Arsal continues to follow Esha around and make her conscious of his presence.  Esha asks Arsal to stay away from her.  In this move, Esha and Zaid begin to develop a genuine fondness for each other, Esha taking care of Zaid’s health and Zaid looking out for Esha’s well-being. 

Imran Ashraf and Sumbal Iqbal continue to enact their roles well, making a unique pairing that works and the two share a cute sort of chemistry.  Unfortunately, Ali Kazmi as Arsal has very little to do on the show other than play the role of an arrogant man that two women “argue” over.  An actor of his caliber should not be signing roles like this.  While “Jaal” may not be a content-driven show, it is the perfect show to watch for viewers who desire a more dramatic, yet light-hearted storyline with heart-touching moments, a sweet romance and an obnoxious antagonist (in the form of Zonia)  When it comes to entertainment, Jaal delivers on all levels.

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