Jaal, Episode 21: Zahid Continues To Win Hearts

Jaal, Episode 21: Zahid Continues To Win Hearts

Jaal, despite the dramatic storyline, continues to entertain with Imran Ashraf’s endearing performance.
Jaal, Episode 21: Zahid Continues To Win Hearts
The cast of Jaal

Jaal” continues with its dramatics, providing Zunia (Sukaina Khan) plenty of time to display her histrionics and, subsequently, destroying her own life in the process with her wayward behavior. Ali Kazmi as Arsal is doing his best in a role not worthy of his talent, but Sumbul Iqbal as Esha and Imran Ashraf as Zaid keep audiences hooked to their unusual love story. As viewers witnessed Esha and Zaid’s wedding in the last episode, the show now will move into their marriage and how Zunia and Arsal’s relationship will affect their bonding. Will Arsal try to worm his way back into Esha’s life? And now that Esha is Zaid’s wife, how will Zaid react?

In the latest episode, Arsal agrees to take Esha and Amber to the parlor before the walima. Arsal conveniently lies to Zunia and tells her that he’s going to a friend’s house, knowing she will get upset hearing Esha’s name. With the exception of Arsal’s mother, everyone in the household is perplexed by her decision to send Esha with Arsal considering their past history. At the parlor, Amber tells Arsal that they still have some time, so he should go home – this turns into a fight and Arsal leaves in anger. Once home, Zunia begins her attack after finding out where Arsal was. In an excruciatingly loud one-sided screaming match from Zunia, Arsal declares her crazy and decides that he’s had enough – while Zunia continues to scream that she also no longer wants to live with him. It’s ironic that two people who essentially destroyed their families and broke their hearts in order to be together now cannot stand the sight of each other. This only goes on to prove that selfish behavior does not win a lifetime of happiness, rather you cannot trample over the hearts of others to live a fulfilled life.

Zunia, Arsal and Naveed do not show up for the walima, leaving Esha depressed over her family’s lack of interest in her life. Zaid consoles her, promising to be there for her. Zaid, visibly in love with his new wife, stands by her, supporting her every step of the way, including her decision to return to work.

Asad (Naveed Raza) decides to sell the house and informs Zunia and Arsal of his decision, bringing potential buyers over to the house almost immediately. This turns into an argument between Zunia and Asad, ending with Asad demanding that the two pack up and leave the house as soon as possible. Asad calls Esha to inform her of the sale as she begs him to reconsider, declaring that she does not desire her share and that he should move back into the house himself to preserve their parents’ memory. Of course, he only wants his money and tells Esha that the house has been sold. Esha mourns the loss of her childhood home as Zaid comforts her. Esha is encouraged by her father-in-law to carry her memories with her and work on building a new life, one that is centered around Zaid and his importance in her life.

Esha’s discomfort toward her marriage is a mildly confusing storyline. At times, Esha seems perfectly happy with Zaid, reassuring him of her happiness in the marriage and her acceptance towards him. And then in the next episode, Esha is seen behaving as though she has no interest or respect for Zaid – to the extent that the viewer is left wondering if Esha even has any interest in maintaining this marriage? This is a plot point that tends to get annoying, if only due to lack of consistency. While it’s understandable that Esha would feel uncomfortable initially, keeping her first marriage in mind, her behavior at present does not make sense. Part of this can be attributed to Sumbul Iqbal’s performance, her blank expression making it difficult for the audience to read or understand her thoughts. On the other hand, Zaid is the most captivating character on the show, brought to life and made more lovable by Imran Ashraf’s performance. Zaid’s simplicity and his lack of self-confidence is heart-warming and makes the viewer want to root for him and his happiness – and the credit for this goes to Imran Ashraf for playing Zaid in such an understated, meek manner that feels realistic. “Jaal” is not a masterpiece, but it is a show that draws the viewer to its dramatics and presents the audience with an entertaining show to watch.

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