'It's A Bad Idea To Do 'Munnabhai' Without Sanju': Arshad Warsi

'It's A Bad Idea To Do 'Munnabhai' Without Sanju': Arshad Warsi

The wait will soon be over, Munnabhai 3 is definitely coming our way
'It's A Bad Idea To Do 'Munnabhai' Without Sanju': Arshad Warsi
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All us Munnabhai fans are most anxiously waiting for our favorite M.B.B.S crew to get back on our screens with the third addition to the film series. Recently, actor Arshad Warsi gave media the inside scoop into the world of Munnabhai during an interview with DNA. Arshad confirmed the long overdue film Munnabhai 3 will soon get rolling, while also expressing what he feels ultimately lead to the success of the film. 
“Sanjay will be out soon and then he will want to spend time with his kids and family. He also needs to get into the work mode. Nobody is going to rush him to get back to shooting, but it will be good for him, too. This film will bring him back," Arshad says. 
When asked if he would’ve still done the film if it starred someone else as the protagonist Arshad replied saying, "I don't think so. It's a bad idea to do Munnabhai without Sanju. In fact, I think Circuit became this popular only because of him. He is a huge star but he isn't the least bit insecure. He is absolutely non-interefering and what anyone else is doing, doesn't bother him. I wouldn't be able to do what I did with the role if it wasn't for him. Any other star would have his insecurities."