'It Is Impossible To Please Everyone': Nitin Mirani

'It Is Impossible To Please Everyone': Nitin Mirani

Dubai's leading stand-up comic on the controversy revolving around
'It Is Impossible To Please Everyone': Nitin Mirani
Nitin Mirani
In the wake of the controversy surrounding the Knockout, Dubai’s foremost comedian Nitin Mirani (who had performed alongside AIB at the Dubai show) talks about the thin line that separates what’s acceptable and what’s not in a concept like The Roast. 

As comics, we are often faced with the dilemma of being yourself on stage but the “being yourself” part has to be as per your audience. It is impossible to please everyone because the acceptance of jokes not only depends on their (the audience’s) choice of humour but also how good or bad their day has been before the show. For the comedian as well as the audience, comedy has essentially been about “taking a joke” but even after 25-30 years of experience, seasoned comics often find it hard to gauge the difference between what is acceptable and what is not. With the concept of The Roast becoming popular there is obviously going to be a certain section who’d be a little less open-minded about the concept of “insult comedy”.

In a Roast there is always the “OMG how did he say that” reaction but there is also the “But that’s true and he/she is right” response. In conclusion, being able to make 4000 or 40,000 people laugh does make you feel powerful and sometimes comics do get carried away. And that’s when the Roast turns into a ‘BURNT’.

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