Ishqiya Episode 9:  Hamna and Rumaisa’s Wedding Events Begin
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Ishqiya Episode 9: Hamna and Rumaisa’s Wedding Events Begin

Feroze Khan’s Hamza continues his vendetta for revenge in “Ishqiya” as Hamza and Rumaisa’s marriage is set to take place while he’s in love with Rumaisa’s sister, Hamna

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“Ishqiya” continues to build momentum in a show about revenge and marriage as a tool for that revenge.  While Hamza is in love with Hamna, he believes she betrayed  him after marrying Azeem and now Hamza is set to marry Hamna’s sister Rumaisa.  Episode 9 is an enjoyable episode to watch, though not much happens in terms of “action.”  The first segment of the show, a solid ten minutes, follows Hamza (Feroze Khan), Hamna (Ramsha Khan) and Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) as they jointly shop for the men’s clothing for the wedding.  Hamza takes this opportunity to drop remarks that make Hamna uncomfortable, all while Azeem is unsuspecting.  Hamza is “that guy,” the guy who makes remarks to make another person panic, thinking they’re going to expose their secrets.  While Hamna tries to help Azeem shop, Hamza is a constant presence, a third wheel – and not a welcome one for Hamna.

While Rumaisa (Hania Amir) is seen shopping with Hamza’s sister, as the episode continues, it becomes clear that Hamza’s sister does not really have a filter and could potentially be a problem in the future once Rumaisa enters their home.  However, what’s nice to see is that Hamza’s mother (Seemi Pasha) is coming across as the opposite.  She’s not only supportive of Rumaisa and open-minded, but seems genuinely excited for Rumaisa to enter the house, even sending over a cake for her.  Everyone appreciating Hamna in Hamzah’s family came across as odd, as Hamna has been meek and stone-faced in all situations.  But what this scene is meant to show is how dim Hamna really was in this entire situation, as a union between Hamza and Hamna would have been so easy from both sides.  Her current predicament is entirely her own fault and that is visible here.

The mehndi takes place and Rumaisa and Azeem are seen enjoying themselves, along with the families while Hamza continues to taunt Hamna.  Later, when Hamza delivers Rumaisa’s cake, he finds Siddiqui Sahab (Shabbir Jan) home alone and the two awkwardly “bond” as Hamza tries to impress him.  He lands in a predicament when Siddiqui Sahab appears to be having a heart attack.  Feroze Khan is a great actor, but his expression as Hamza are a little overly happy, which is clearly part of the role as he’s trying to be “fake,” but it does come across as over the top at times.

This episode is one of the more entertaining ones for this show, as most have been fairly grim.  The feel of this episode is light-hearted with the wedding proceedings and preparations.  Hania Amir, Feroze Khan and Shabbir Jan continue to be the highlight of the show, but it must be said that Gohar Rasheed is doing a great job as Azeem, coming across as very likable and his (sibling-like) chemistry with Hania Amir is so endearing to watch.  The episode ends on a troubling note, but judging from the preview for episode 10, it seems Siddiqui Sahab will make it through and the wedding will progress.  The question is – will Hamza actually show up for the wedding?

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