Ishqiya Episode 8: Hamza and Rumaisa’s Marriage Talks Continue With Full Speed
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Ishqiya Episode 8: Hamza and Rumaisa’s Marriage Talks Continue With Full Speed

Feroze Khan, Hania Amir, Ramsha Khan and Gohar Rasheed headline this twisted love story about revenge and betrayal

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“Ishqiya” is a story that focuses on Hamza’s desire for revenge after Hamna marries Azeem.  While Hamna’s marriage to Azeem happened out of obligation, Hamza is unwilling to see Hamna’s step as anything but betrayal.  In episode 8, Hamza’s (Feroze Khan) games continue while Hamna (Ramsha Khan) tries to decide how to stop Rumaisa’s (Hania Amir) marriage.  Unfortunately she fails as Hamna’s marriage to Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) is planned as a double-wedding with Rumaisa and Hamza and Hamna is left to try to piece her own life together, wondering how to handle the situation.  Hamza, in an attempt to make Hamna’s life more difficult, befriends Azeem and does his best to make his presence continuously felt in Hamna’s life.  Viewers also continue to witness the beautiful bond between Rumaisa and her parents and these scenes are the highlight of the episode.

Hamna continues to be the weakest link in regards to the story.  If Hamna were not such a weak character, this entire situation would not exist.  Hamna is meant to be this sweet, innocent, timid girl, but quite honestly, she is very much self-serving and selfish.  While Hamza has been blackmailing her into silence, what does he really hold over her?  The fact that she was involved with him before her marriage?  Hamna is the only one who will be “disturbed” by this, getting into a little bit of trouble.  However, by staying quiet, she is adversely affecting not only Rumaisa’s life, but also her family as a whole, plus her own marriage.  Hamna is putting her own comfort above everything else, which makes her thoroughly unlikeable.  This is not speaking poorly for Ramsha Khan though – there’s a funny moment in this episode where Azeem tells Hamna that her expressions make it difficult to decipher whether she’s happy or upset, making it clear that Hamna’s monotonous behavior is part of her character.  Despite that, she’s a very unlikable character who continues to reminisce about her relationship with Hamza while being married to Azeem.  If anything, Azeem is looking out for Rumaisa the way a sibling truly should be, showing the sincerity of the character – not only to his marriage, but to the family he’s marrying into.  He even goes to the extent of befriending Hamza, who has his own ulterior motives for getting close to Azeem.  On the other hand, Hamza’s desire for revenge has reached an uncomfortable level where he’s a constant presence in Hamna’s life.

In this episode, Hania Amir continues to be the highlight as Rumaisa.  She’s been given less screen time in the episodes so far, but her role is sure to increase after the next episode after her marriage to Hamza.  Hania Amir is a breath of fresh air in each scene.  Alongside Hania, Gohar Rasheed is great as Azeem, a character viewers are drawn to.  He seems like a nice, solid, sincere guy and Azeem and Rumaisa are the two most kind-hearted characters on the show.  The show has been fairly repetitive over the last two episodes, but the next episode looks promising as the marriage takes place.  Hamza has made it seem as though he and Rumaisa have had a love marriage and it will all come as quite a shock to Rumi as she is made aware of all this after marriage and has to grapple with the uncertainty in her new home.

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