Ishqiya Episode 16: Hamna’s Lies Create Strain On Her Marriage To Azeem
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Ishqiya Episode 16: Hamna’s Lies Create Strain On Her Marriage To Azeem

Feroze Khan, Hania Amir, Ramsha Khan and Gohar Rasheed give stellar performances in “Ishqiya,” a show that depicts what can happen when a lie spirals out of control

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“Ishqiya” is a show I wait for each week with a lot of anticipation.  This excitement is mostly due to the Feroze Khan and Hania Amir pairing, but honestly, the entire cast has come together to put forth an interesting story.  With Hamna and Azeem and Hamza and Rumi settling into their married lives, Hamna continues to blackmail Hamna.  Hamza (Feroze Khan) is turning into quite the frustrating character, because while he’s adorable and lovable in his interactions with Rumi (Hania Amir), he is equally as irritating in his moments with Hamna (Ramsha Khan).  Hamza refuses to let go of his fixation for revenge and forces Hamna to meet him for dinner – and then refuses to let her go home, holding her hostage through blackmail as Rumi and Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) make numerous attempts to contact their spouses.  This hunt takes up most of the episode and while Hamza and Hamna are out having their tension-filled, unenjoyable dinner, Rumi is at home preparing a celebration dinner for Hamza’s first day of work while Azeem worriedly searches for Hamna.

Hamna and Azeem’s relationship is headed down a very dark, negative path if Hamna does not change her ways.  The disappointment and dismay Azeem felt in this episode has long since been trickling into their marriage with Hamna’s lack of communication, lack of affection and now, lack of honesty.  Azeem has been a constantly supportive husband and now, even in his upset moments, he continues to support Hamna.  It’s the reality of a marriage that if one is not honest, the marriage fails and Hamna has long past the point of being honest.  I’ve harped on it before and will continue to say that Hamna’s lies are what caused this entire mess and her lies will be the death of her own marriage if she doesn’t come clean and make an honest attempt to fix her marriage (and her life).  Ramsha Khan is a good actress, but Hamna is such a monotonous character that there isn’t much to write home about with her performance.  Gohar Rasheed is a star though and Azeem is thoroughly likable.

Again, we see how beautifully Rumi fits in with Hamza’s family, whether it be his father, mother or sister.  She has formed a bond with all of them and a natural, open one at that.  Rumi is doing everything she can to be a good wife and it’s almost upsetting to watch how Hamza is playing yo-yo between the two girls.  As always, the chemistry between Feroze Khan and Hania Amir is crackling and they once again win viewers over in the scene where Hamza arrives home to encounter a furious, raging Rumi.  The way Hamza pacifies Rumi and deals with her anger shows that he does seem to really love and care for Rumi (or at least he’s starting to).  Of course, Alishba tries to squirm her way in and create trouble for Rumi and Hamza, but the way Hamza sides with Rumi at the dinner table brings a smile to the face.  It will be heartbreaking for viewers if this couple does not make it due to Hamza’s obsession with Rumi’s sister.  Hamza’s desire for revenge is now beginning to grate on the nerves and one can’t help wishing the show takes a different path now with Hamza being exposed – and then having to win back Rumi’s trust.  But as always, Feroze Khan and Hania Amir steal the show in their scenes together.

The next episode shows the misunderstandings between Hamna and Azeem widening as Azeem believes Hamna is having an affair with someone else.  The show has also been hinting at Siddiqui Sahab’s (Shabbir Jan) impending death, an event that would definitely change the stage for the girls and their lives.  Ishqiya is still riding high, but it would be nice if the show changed gears a bit and moved away from Hamza’s irritating attempts to harass Hamna.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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