Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 27:  Goher Begins To Dig Deeper Into Sameer’s Psyche
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Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 27: Goher Begins To Dig Deeper Into Sameer’s Psyche

In Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Sonya Hussain’s Goher vows to help Zahid Ahmed’s Sameer heal and takes the necessary steps, learning more about Sameer’s childhood

Ishq Zahe Naseeb continues to be a show which is the gift that keeps on giving.  Despite having a slow episode last week, the story does pick up once again.  A story with many layers, Ishq Zahe Naseeb only peels back one layer at a time, allowing the audience to absorb the story, teasing the big reveal.  Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain, Sami Khan, Zarnish Khan, Ismat Zaidi and Khalid Malik are all brilliant as the show’s main players and leave the audience wanting more.  In the latest episode, viewers witness Goher’s reaction to Sameer’s past and her resolve to make things better.

The majority of the episode takes place in Sameer’s bedroom in a long conversation between Goher (Sonya Hussain) and Sameer (Zahid Ahmed).  This scene is not only well-written and well-acted, the entire sequence is powerful.  Goher, in her fear of Sameer after his stint as Sameera the night before, is packing to leave while Sameer begs her to stay.  The two argue and Goher declares that every relationship of hers has betrayed her, what’s one more?  She asks Sameer to kill her and says she will forgive him for it, but to put her out of her misery.  Sameer, in a shockingly vulnerable moment, confides in Goher and shares his childhood issues and fears, saying how could such a child be normal?  He cries about his lack of love in life, a little boy crying for affection, telling her that she’s lucky to have relationships to lose, because he has never had anyone who even wanted him.  He tells Goher that it’s up to her whether she wants to love that little boy or abandon him to his fate.  Goher continues to push forward, keeping in touch with Sameer’s therapist on how to work with him.  She discovers how Sameer had been locked in the basement as a kid on a daily basis, building a fear that no child should have to experience.  She cares for Sameer through the night as he cries, dressed as Shakra, vowing to never let anyone hurt him again.  Honestly, Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussain deserve awards for their performances, they are both brilliant.  Zahid Ahmed is incredible in this scene, displaying many emotions at once.  This is the first time the audience has seen Sameer really let anyone in on his weaknesses and the scene is not only beautiful, it’s heart-breaking to see him reaching out, knowing there’s a huge chance he could be rejected.

Donya (Zarnish Khan) begins putting it together that Goher is the girl Kashif always loved.  As she manages to get Goher’s number to speak to her, her blood pressure rises and she collapses.  In the hospital, Kashif (Sami Khan) and Donya’s father discuss her condition and wonder what might have happened to put Donya back into depression.  When she recovers, Donya is back in a state of suspicion and self-doubt, refusing to listen to Kashif’s defense.  Kashif tells Donya that he has never betrayed her and leaves.  This scene hits hard, because it goes to show how easy it is to break trust by telling a lie of any kind.  Despite Kashif’s good intentions, he did lie and he has made Donya doubt herself and their relationship because of it.  If he had been completely open with her from the beginning, he would have had an ally on his side.  Instead, he now has a fiancé with an injured heart and ego.  Sami Khan and Zarnish both do a great job of enacting their more subtle characters.  They don’t get to do the over-the-top stuff in this show, but their ability to connect with viewer emotions goes to show what great actors they are.

If there’s a storyline that’s not particularly engaging, it’s this track of dishonesty that Kashif and Goher will be embroiled in with their spouses.  Sabiha (Ismat Zaidi) is beginning to look more and more like a villain, teaming up with Jahangir (Khalid Malik) to get revenge on Goher – this woman must know that “Sameera” could potentially kill Goher for this and  yet, she thinks it’s a good idea.  While I was staunchly an advocate of a realistic ending and one that followed the fortune teller’s prediction, Sameer’s honesty and transformation in this episode has me on the fence between Kashif and Sameer – who would be the better choice for Goher?  What is the perfect ending?  With only a few episodes to go, we will find out soon enough!

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